Most contests are offered as multi-county events.

Companion Animal Show

 The companion animal show consists of a small animal show and cat show. 4-Hers can show off their knowledge of rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats, hedgehogs, birds, reptiles, fish or other pets by showing their animals or presenting a poster. The Companion Animal Show is open to youth enrolled in a companion animal project.


Communication Contest

 4-Hers are able to practice their communication skills while giving a speech, public service announcement or presentation. The Communication Contest is open to any youth involved in 4-H.


Dog Show

 The Dog Show allows youth to highlight their showmanship, obedience and agility skills. Dogs and youth of all skills are able to participate. The Dog Show is open to youth enrolled in a 4-H dog project.


Fashion Show

 The Fashion Show is a time where 4-Hers can model their clothing projects and showcase their consumer science knowledge. Potential entries include sewn items made for the 4-Her or someone else, sewn items combined with a purchases item to create a wearable outfit and modeling an outfit purchased at a store. The Fashion Show is open to youth participating in any 4-H clothing project.


Culinary Challenge  (Formerly Food Revue)

 The Culinary Challenge combines food preparation, menu planning and table setting skills. 4-Hers participating in the contest need to plan a menu suitable for an indoor or outdoor meal. The 4-Her should prepare one food item, which should be brought along to the contest with the selected table service, centerpiece, menu card, recipe AND card table. All Clover Kids and 4-Hers are eligible to participate.


Horticulture Contest

 Youth will test their horticulture knowledge while they identify flowers, fruits, woody ornamentals and vegetables; judge a class of plants and complete a multiple choice test. The Horticulture Contest is open to all youth participating in 4-H.


Music Contest

 4-Hers can participate as an individual or group in the Music Contest. Youth may choose to perform a dance, sing a song or play an instrument. The Music Contest is open to any youth enrolled in 4-H.


Theater Arts Contest

 The Theater Arts Contest gives 4-Hers an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of stage performance, stage design and much more. Youth may participate individually or as a team in a clover kids show and tell, costumed presentation, dramatic reading or puppet play.


Wildlife Contest

 The Wildlife Contest consists of identifying pictures and specimens of wildlife in seven different areas: birds, fish, insects & arachnids, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, trees and wildlife tracks. The Wildlife Contest is open to any youth enrolled in 4-H.