Stripe rust warning

Wheat stripe rust on flag leaf
A flag leaf completely covered with stripe rust.
Stripe Rust Identified from the Panhandle

April 17, 2017

Robert M. Harveson, Extension Plant Pathologist, Panhandle REC, Scottsbluff

On Tuesday morning, April 18th, wheat samples were brought into my lab by a field agent with symptoms consistent with stripe rust.  Small yellowish pustules arranged in linear stripes parallel with the veins were observed on leaves in the lower part of the canopy of several plants.  The infections occurred on only a few leaves of the plants and pustules were very small and difficult to see.   Thus it is not a serious problem at this time, but producers should be aware.  The field from which the plants originated was from Sheridan County north of Rushville, which strongly implies that the pathogen overwintered at this location from a crop planted in Fall, 2016.  This also suggests that the pathogen also survived over the winter in other fields as well, which will potentially result in additional early infections and economic losses.

This report is not anything to be panicked about now, but is just an alert. We are not recommending spraying fungicides at this point, but it would be a good idea to survey and closely monitor fields right now to determine further incidence and distribution of the disease.  Please feel free to contact me with any additional reports of this disease that you find – (308) 631-5953 or