Pesticide applicator training in western Nebraska

In-person classes cancelled; here are the available options

Updated 3-13-2020

Due to health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus situation, face-to-face teaching events (such as Pesticide Certification and Chemigation training) have been cancelled. Effective March 16th, all remaining scheduled PSEP and Chemigation training sessions are canceled. For anyone who will not be able to attend a face-to-face training session this spring are directed to the following online or electronic based training as alternatives to the face-to-face sessions:

Private PSEP / PRIVATE APPLICATOR training / license: to register for the online private training course. You will need to take the online course to receive your license.

INITAIL COMMERCIAL PSEP: to purchase the appropriate flipbooks. You will still need to arrange for testing with NDA.

RECERTIFICATION COMMERCIAL PSEP: A temporary online training method is being developed.

CHEMIGATION RECERTIFICATON: to take the online training course.
CHEMIGATION INITIAL CERTIFICATION: You can take the online training course,, but will need to take the test at a proctored location. (probably either Box Butte County Extension office or the Scotts Bluff County Extension office.  They can obtain the study materials at either office).  Individuals who will need testing will need to call ahead and schedule a time to take the test.  The test should take them no more than an hour.  Also, they need to bring proof they have taken the on-line course, i.e. show that they have registered for the online course.

The PSEP Office Team will do everything possible to accommodate those that are inconvenienced by this situation. We ask that you remind those affected to please be patient.

Upcoming dates:

The PSEP PRIVATE APPLICATOR TRAININGS scheduled for March 18 at Harrison and April 2 at Scottsbluff are CANCELLED.

The CHEMIGATON TRAINING scheduled for March 26 at Scottsbluff is CANCELLED.

The PSEP RECERTIFICATION COMMERCIAL training scheduled for March 24 at Scottsbluff is CANCELLED.

The PSEP INITIAL COMMERCIAL training scheduled for April 9 at Scottsbluff is CANCELLED.

QUESTIONS: Contact Extension Educator Gary Stone at 308-632-1480 or Vicki Schroeder at 402-472-9542.