Professor, Soil and Nutrient Management

Panhandle Research and Extension Center, 4502 Avenue I, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
Phone:  308-632-1372.  Fax: 308-632-1365.


  • B.S., Agronomy, Colorado State University, 1967
  • M.S., Agronomy, Colorado State University, 1970
  • Ph.D., Agronomy, Cornell University, 1975


  • Assistant Professor of Agronomy, University of Nebraska, 1975-1980
  • Associate Professor of Agronomy, University of Nebraska, 1980-1988
  • Professor of Agronomy, University of Nebraska, 1988 to present
  • Graduate Faculty Fellow University of Nebraska


  • Soil and nutrient management.
  • Past research concentrated on nitrogen management in irrigated and dryland systems (conventional and no-till) and limited irrigation no-till cropping systems.
  • Current research efforts focus on soil and fertilizer management to improve crop production efficiency for major and minor crops in western Nebraska (corn, dry beans, winter wheat, brassicas, sugar beets, chicory) including research on limited irrigation no-till cropping systems.
  • Other research interests include manure management.


Research and extension efforts to improve crop yields through improved nutrient management on high pH western NE soils including manure management. Major emphasis will be working with the PHREC team on adapting cropping systems to limited surface and subsurface irrigation supplies for the future.


  • Current efforts focus on soil and fertilizer management to improve crop production efficiency for major and minor crops in western Nebraska
  • Interests in soil salinity management and irrigation water quality
  • Leading a major demonstration project on limited irrigation no-till conservation cropping systems in the Pumpkin Creek Watershed
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning and manure management



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Publication Record (total numbers)

  • Books or other publications edited - 1
  • Chapters of books - 12
  • Technical papers, refereed - 41
  • Technical papers, non-refereed - 38
  • Non-technical papers - 112
  • Invited lectures, seminars, symposia - 37
  • Other - Abstracts - 89; - Extension meetings - 717


  • MIAC Morocco project: 1983 and 1985, consulting on wheat prodution and soil ferility in project region (Casablanca-Safi-Marakesh) and consultation on setting up a soil testing laboratory at Settat.
  • Int. Atomic Energy Commission, Lima Peru and altiplano area. 1988. Consulting on feasibility of winter wheat production at high altitudes at the equator.
  • ACREA. 1997. Agrentine private consulting-extension group. Consulting on irrigation and N management for new center pivot developments from Cordoba to Tandil.
  • IIRB (International Sugar Beet Organization). 2010. Conference presenter and tour of European sugar beet production research. 


  • American Society of Agronomy (member and Fellow)
  • Soil Science Society of America (member and Fellow)
  • Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
  • International Society of Soil Science


  • Sigma Xi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta


  • 1986--USDA Unit Award for Superior Service. For "exemplary leadership in the scientific use of fertilizers by means of calibrated correlated soil tests to reduce costs and potential environmental hazards". Team Members: F. Anderson, R. Ferguson, G. Hergert, E. Penas, C. Shapiro, R. Wiese.
  • 1990--University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension Outstanding Extension Specialist 1996--Fellow, American Society of Agronomy
  • 1999--Fellow, Soil Science Society of Agronomy
  • 2008--American Society of Agronomy Agronomic Educational Materials Contest Certificate of Excellence Award publication > 16 p: Producing and Marketing Proso Millet in the Great Plains.
  • 2009'-- Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement induction
  • 2010--Great Plains Soil Fertility Leadership Award. Great Plains Soil Fertility Conference for timely and innovative soil fertility related contributions leading to increased profitability for Great Plains agriculture.