Cow-calf and pasture management meeting

Workshop in Oshkosh on Oct. 22 will focus on ranchers' questions

This fall, many ranchers have a herd of questions:

What are the options are dealing with weeds in range and pasture?  How are current low grain prices and higher hay prices impacting feeding options for this fall and winter?  Are you considering backgrounding calves this winter and wondering how to manage price risk?

A Cow-Calf and Pasture Management workshop will be held, Monday, Oct. 22, from 6:30 - 9 p.m. at the Wesleyan Church near Oshkosh that will address these questions.

Dr. Karla Jenkins, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cow-Calf Specialist, will discuss “Fall and Winter Supplementation and Feeding with Current Commodity Prices.”

Nebraska Extension Range and Forage Specialist Dr. Mitch Stephenson will discuss “Methods for Management of Pasture Weeds.”

Extension Educator Aaron Berger will wrap up the program discussing Livestock Risk Protection Insurance for calf and feeder cattle as a risk management.  He also will discuss precipitation risk management tools available for pasture and forage production.

Cost of the program is $15 and is payable at the door. Please call the Nebraska Extension Office in Oshkosh with questions or to register at (308) 772-3311.