March 23 - Statewide Tornado Drill and Siren Test

March 23 - Statewide Tornado Drill and Siren Test: 


The Statewide Tornado Drill and Siren Test is scheduled for Wednesday, March 23 between 10 - 11 a.m. CDT / 9-10 a.m. MDT.  (The siren test may be cancelled if severe weather or cold temperatures are in the forecast.) 

  • You are encouraged to take part in the Statewide Tornado Drill.  
  • Use your office Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to practice how you would respond in a "real world" tornado warning event.  
  • If you are indoors or in a remote location outdoors, you may not hear the sirens. Plan to practice even if you don't hear the sirens. 
  • After the drill, get together with your team. Share what worked and identify any opportunities to improve your plan.  

Here are a few more suggestions for the week: 

  • Review how you get alert messages at work, home, school, and when traveling: 
    • NOAA weather radios, local radio/television, official social media accounts, Code Red or other Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs).   
    • Check the batteries in your NOAA Weather Alert Radios and perform an "alert test".  
  • Identify the types of severe weather hazards you may experience in your location (wildfire, tornado, hail, floods, straight-line winds, earthquake, extreme cold, drought and more).  
  • Make an emergency kit or if you have a kit(s), check to see if it needs updated or replenished - 
  • Develop a communication plan for work and for home - (resources are available in multiple languages).