Sheridan County 4-H Workshops 2021


Make your summer fun and filled with learning.  This summer Sheridan 4-H has a great lineup of workshops to make the summer days so much more fun.  Cooking, Felting, Cake Decorating, Design Camp, Tractor Safety Braid Reins/Horse Face Cover, Woodworking Working, Progress Show, Floral Design, Jump Into Summer, Resin Jeeelry Workshop, Rabbit & Poultry Clinic, Horsesho Windchime/PinWithdow Screen Workshop, Homade Clock Virtural Workshop, Basket Weaing, Stained Class, Genealogy,  Sewing Sleepover, Southwester Bellbotttoms/Aztec Pillow.  click on the word Flyer to see explaination of each workshop.