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Dawes | Sheridan | Sioux


Dawes | Sheridan | Sioux
Sioux County Open Class


Dawes | Sheridan | Sioux

State Fair Video Companion Animal Showmanship Contest - 2018 

Video Companion Animal Showmanship Contest:  Youth will be judged on their showmanship presentation and animal knowledge.  Open to youth over 10 as of January 1, 2018.  Free registration.  A video recording done by the county extension office will be submitted as the entry to be judged.  Entries are now being accepted and will be accepted until August 10th at 5pm.

Youth who want to participate will need to make arrangements with their county extension office to video tape them giving their showmanship presentation.  The county staff will record the presentation and ask the youth pre-determined questions (found on employee resources page).  There are separate questions for intermediate and senior showmen and for each animal species.  One way to do this would be to offer to tape youth after the conclusion of your county fair show so the youth and their animal are already prepared to present.

 For rules:  https://4h.unl.edu/companion-animal/showmanship-contest

For employee resources including a promotional flyer, instructions for county staff and the entry form: http://4h.unl.edu/employee/companion-animal


YQCA Training

Any youth ages 8-18 who will be showing beef, sheep, swine, goats, market broilers or market fryer rabbits will need to either attend a training or go online to do their training. 

Career Portfolio

The Career Portfolio is a record that summarizes the 4-H'er's entire career.  The green cardboard covers and tab dividers are available for purchase in the Exention Office.  For county level judging, the Career Portfolio must include Project Record Books for each project completed.  The portfolios are judged in September and are used to determine eligibility for awards at the county level.  They are also necessary for 4-H Ambassador applications.  Portfolios that win at the county level will be sent on to the state level.  Winning books at the state level can then compete for National 4-H Youth Congress and 4-H National Convention.

Nebraska 4-H Career Portfolio page - instructions, help and downloads for the Career Portfolio

County Specific Instructions: 

Dawes | Sheridan | Sioux


4-H Scholarships

State Fair Premier Science Award Application (PDF, 375KB)

Abobe Acrobat Reader - free PDF download