Scholarship Application Opportunity

Martha and Don Romeo Scholarship


Application must be typed. Do not exceed the space provided.

You will be submitting three (3) pages of information along with 2 letters of



Page 1…Personal info.

Page 2…List your top 10 school and 4-H accomplishments.

Page 3…List your top 5 community experiences, and your essay.

Include two letters of recommendation.

No photos.

This Scholarship is awarded during the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers

Convention Banquet, which will be held in Kearney, Nebraska, on Saturday,

Winners will be required to attend convention to receive the award.

January 20, 2024.

Winners will be notified by January 3, 2024.

Return completed application to your local County

Extension Office by November 30, 2023.


Instructions for Extension Office:

To all Extension Offices in Nebraska: please return finalists to the address below.

(One male and one female finalist will be selected by each 4-H award committee in the

local Extension Office) Send only 1 male and 1 female, please!

The county finalist applications must be postmarked on or before December 10, 2023 to:



Ricky Gennrich

P.O. Box 223

Betrand, NE, 68927

Or Email