Private Pesticide Applicator Training by Zoom:

Private Pesticide Applicator Training by Zoom:


Once again, a group of Water & Integrated Cropping Systems educators have organized a set of private pesticide applicator trainings by Zoom. These meetings were advertised this past Friday in CropWatch. Anyone is welcome to attend these trainings. The team anticipates interest across the state.


Here are the dates, times, and registration links:


Complete details for the trainings can be found here:


For offices that have interested individuals, please refer to the following:

  • Individual uses your county office to pick up the standard training materials.
    • Weed Guide quarter sheet slip
    • Private Reference Guide
    • Respirator Card
    • Ounce Calibration Card
    • Record Keeping Book
    • Mixing Order Sheet
  • Individual pays the $50 training fee when picking up training materials.
    • The county share of $10 will be split between the local county and the trainers.
    • The cost object for the split will be provided once registrations are received.
    • Payment is to be held until they have completed the training. Once training has been completed, then payments can be deposited. I have checked with the GNBC to confirm this.
  • Individual fills out the NDA paperwork (barcode letter, bubble form, or short form).
    • Paperwork is held until contacted that the individual(s) completed the training
    • Any Extension Educator can sign the NDA form
    • When submitting paperwork to NDA, place a sticky note on the paperwork stating “Zoom Training”
  • Notify me (Wayne Ohnesorg, that they picked up materials, paid, and filled out their paperwork.


When individuals preregister, we will attempt to notify county offices ahead of their arrival.


Thank you all in advance for your assistance as we seek to address the needs of our clientele.


Wayne Ohnesorg

Aaron Nygren

Amy Timmerman

Jennifer Weisbrod

Luan Oliveira

Bruno Lena

Nate Dorsey

Mitiku Mamo

Todd Whitney



Wayne Ohnesorg

Extension Educator & Entomologist

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Nebraska Extension in Madison County

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