New Youth Directed Experiences Showcase Join in

Introducing “Making the Best Better: Youth Directed Experiences”! This opportunity is designed for youth to highlight work they are doing in human development through leading experiences for other young people. These experiences may be through their role as a camp counselor, intern or teens as teacher, workshop teacher, babysitter or day care employee, junior leader, or simply as an older 4-H member coaching those younger in their club or project area.


Youth are highly encouraged to apply on their own behalf but they may also be nominated.


Through this showcase of their experience,

Youth will show evidence of skill development working with other young people.

Youth will be aware of how their experience applies to their development and their future decisions.

Youth will discuss their experience and analyze what young people in their care learned.


Young people will be asked to submit the following questions via qualtrics application, along with a photo or video of themselves as they interact with the young people they worked with.


How have you worked with young people?

    • In what setting?
    • What kinds of activities did you do?
    • Did you assist an adult or older youth leading or supervising any youth care, supervision, or activities?

Tell us about your experience.

    • What skills did you use when doing these activities?
    • What did you observe as you worked with the young people in this setting?
      • What went well? What challenges did you encounter? How did you pivot to navigate something that did not go as planned?
      • What did the young people you worked with learn? What skills were they developing?

How have you grown as a result of this experience?

    • What did you enjoy the most? Why?
    • What did you learn and how will you apply this to future activities or decisions?


Participants will get a chance to come to Campus to visit and speak with faculty in the areas of Education, Child Youth and Family Studies and Extension, while also enjoying the Life Smarts contest where their experiences will be highlighted. Prizes will also be awarded for submission.


Apply HERE before December 14th.


What is Life Smarts? Life Smarts is national consumer program designed to create consumer savvy young people through a quiz bowl competition.  The NE competition will be held on December 14th in Lincoln, NE at the East Campus Union.  While the deadline for participation has passed, we invite you to come and check it out and visit about how you may get youth involved in 2023!


Contact Michelle Krehbiel or Ashley Benes with any questions.


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