Livestock Achievement Program- Sign up by June 15th

Reminder of Livestock Achievement Program- please let your 4-H youth in beef, sheep, meat goat, swine, dairy cattle, dairy goat, rabbit, and poultry know about this additional educational opportunity AND that they can earn great awards as a part of this!


Livestock Achievement Program is an additional opportunity for enrolled livestock project youth, is designed to promote all educational aspects of 4-H livestock projects including selection, production, leadership, and exhibition by recognizing youth striving to improve in their livestock project knowledge and leadership.


The program recognizes Members of Excellence across all 4-H livestock project areas, including: beef, sheep, meat goat, swine, dairy cattle, dairy goat, rabbit, and poultry.


The program consists of two levels that require 4-H members to plan and report a broad range of age-appropriate and project-related accomplishments. For each level, the Livestock Achievement Program provides a list of accomplishments from which 4-H members choose their goals. Each accomplishment is worth a specific number of points. Intermediates, ages 10-13, must complete 100 points worth of activities to receive the distinction of Intermediate Member of Excellence. Seniors, ages 14-18, must complete 150 points worth of activities to receive the distinction of Senior Member of Excellence. The Plan and Reports, linked on the webpage, show examples of the project related accomplishments they can choose, or they can identify their own with approval of their local educator.


Applications/Sign up are due June 15th through the application form link on the website. Participants should work on their yearly plan and set their goals at the beginning of starting the program. Plan and Reports, as well as Project Records are due August 1st   and sent to *note this is a change in process from previous years.  Youth completing the achievement program and receiving member of excellence recognition in the various species will be recognized during the Parade of Champions, 4-H weekend at the Nebraska State Fair.


For more information, including program instructions and additional resources,  or to apply, go to: Livestock Achievement Program | Nebraska 4-H (

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