Caring for your Rabbit during 2021 Fair for RHDV2

RHDV2 is Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus affecting rabbits. It is being found in wild rabbits and then spreading to domestic rabbits. Symptoms include: loss of appetite, lethargy, high fever, seizures, jaundice, bleeding from nose, mouth, or rectum, difficulty breathing, and sudden death. It can be spread orally, through the nasal, or ocular exposure to the virus, or by blood-feeding insects. To help protect your rabbits this summer limit the time they are outside roaming freely in your yard where they could come in contact with wild rabbits or mosquitos. Best practice is to have rabbits housed indoors. If they are housed outside, double fence to avoid contact with wildlife, place hutches or cages off the ground, and do not use forage, tree branches or grass for bedding from areas with infected wildlife. Avoid collecting outdoor forage or allowing your rabbits to feed on grass in your yard.  

Sheridan County Fair will follow the guidlines set forth by the Nebraska State Fair.  Flyer