2018 Dawes County Carcass Contest

The Dawes County 4-H Council is excited to begin a market animal carcass contest to include beef, swine, goats and sheep using ultrasound at the time of weigh in at Fair. The Council will pay for an ultrasound for one market animal per 4-Her at $7.00/animal. The 4-H member is open to purchase as many ultrasounds as they would like at their own cost at $7.00/animal. Wes Brown will come to the Dawes County Fair on August 1st during weigh-in to ultrasound the animals and will give a short presentation about ultrasound and what we can learn from it immediately following the weigh in. Results and awards will be presented Friday morning, August 3.

To register CLICK HERE! Be sure to include: animal Species, animal id number and name of 4-Her by July 15th.
Tessa Reece: tessa.reece@unl.edu
Leah Gremm: lgremm2@unl.edu
Office Phone: (308)432-3373

The purpose of the contest is to reward members who produce market animals who meet or exceed industry standards of carcass quality for each species. 4-H members will gain knowledge of industry standards and a better understanding of what it means to produce market animals that meet the needs of consumers.