Ben Beckman
Extension Educator – Cedar County

Ben Beckman is an Extension Educator serving livestock producers in Antelope, Cedar, Knox, Madison, and Pierce Counties.  Ben offices out of Hartington, but works on beef systems across his 5 county area in Northeast Nebraska, with an emphasis on grazing and pasture management.  Prior to his role with extension in Cedar County, Ben worked in extension positions with the Nebraska Water Center and the Nebraska Pesticide Safety Education Program. 

Ben grew up on a family farm in Northeast Nebraska.  After earning his B.S. from UNL in Grassland Ecology and Management, Ben went on to get his M.S. in Agronomy with an emphasis on Range and Forage Systems.  His master’s thesis focused on the effects of ultrahigh stocking density grazing systems on plant root growth and litter decomposition.

Ben and his wife Sierra have two children.  When not busy with family or work, Ben enjoys reading, history and fishing.  Professionally Ben is active in the Nebraska Cooperative Extension Association and the Nebraska Section of the Society for Range Management where he serves as vice president of the range judging committee and as an executive committee council person.