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 Welcome to the Northeast Research and Extension Center. The role of the faculty and staff in this unit is to prevent or solve problems using research based information. They subscribe to the notion that our programs should be high quality, ecologically sound, economically viable, socially responsible and scientifically appropriate.  As part of the University of Nebraska, we consider ourselves the front door to the University of those we serve in northeast Nebraska. Through well targeted training backgrounds and continuous updating via the internet and other telecommunications technologies, our staff have the most current information available to help our clientele.

Faculty/Staff Listing

Haskell Ag. Lab

District Extension Offices

Extension is the educational expression of dealing with high priority issues facing a wide spectrum of society. The Extension program in the 28 county area of the Northeast District is administered at the NEREC. Extension Educators work closely with research and extension specialists at the district center. This fosters teamwork between all district staff when facing critical issues and solving significant problems in the Northeast District.

Maps:  Norfolk, Northeast Nebraska, Northeast Community College