Southeast Nebraska Diversified Ag Tour

The 2017 Southeast Nebraska Diversified Ag Tour will be Friday, September 8th. This is the twelfth year Nebraska Extension has organized the tour to highlight diversified and sustainable agricultural operations in the area.  This year’s tour will include six stops.

The first will be Paradise in Progress Farm (Nebraska City, NE), owned and operated by Jim and Ellen Shank. They raise fruits and vegetables from a garden and high tunnels on their farm.  They also sell lamb, chicken and eggs.  They sell their produce at area farmers markets and from their farm.  The second will be Al-Be Farm (Julian, NE), where Beth Kernes-Krause and her family raise heritage-breed chickens (for eggs and meat) and quail (for eggs and meat). They also provide pullets for Lincoln and Omaha residents interested in caring for their own chickens and producing their own eggs.  The third stop will be Aunt Bea’s Apiary (Brock, NE) which Nikki and Danny Hayes and their family operate as a non-profit organization providing education about honeybees and pollinators through workshops and presentations. To find out more about Aunt Bea’s Apiary, go to:   Next the tour will stop for lunch at Coryell Park (Brock, NE).  Lunch will be provided by Chris Gress, from Nebraska City. Following lunch we will have a short tour of the park and learn about its history.  After lunch the tour will continue to TD Niche Pork (Elk Creek, NE), owned and operated by Travis Dunekacke. Travis raises and markets Berkshire, Red Wattle, and Mangalitsa hybrid pork to several restaurants in Lincoln and Omaha and southeast Nebraska.  To find out more about TD Niche Pork, visit his Facebook page at:  The final stop for the day will be Stone Ridge Farm (Tecumseh, NE), owned and operated by Bruce and Christy Lade and their family, growing and selling Christmas trees, plants, pumpkins, and produce, as well as handcrafted items made in southeast Nebraska.

The tour will pick up participants in Tecumseh at 7:30 am on the north side of the courthouse (351 Broadway), in Auburn at 8:00 am on the north side of the courthouse (1824 N Street), and in Nebraska City at 8:30 am at the Kimmel Education and Research Center (5985 G Road). The cost to attend is $20 per person and includes lunch and transportation. To register contact the Nemaha County Extension Office (402-274-4755) by Friday, September 1st, space is limited so register now.

Southeast Nebraska Diversified Ag Tour 2017 Flyer (PDF, 1 pg, 177 KB)