NCR-SARE Announces 2023 Call for Farmer Rancher Grant Proposals

The 2023 North Central Region - Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (NCR-SARE) Farmer Rancher Grant Call for Proposals is now open. Farmers and ranchers in the North Central region are invited to submit grant proposals to explore sustainable agriculture solutions to problems on the farm or ranch. Sustainable agriculture is good for the environment, economically viable, and socially responsible. Projects should emphasize research or education and demonstration.

Proposals should show how farmers and ranchers plan to use their own innovative ideas to explore sustainable agriculture options and how they will share project results. Farmer Rancher grants are for ideas initiated by farmers and ranchers and are offered as individual grants ($15,000 maximum) or team grants for two or more farmers or ranchers who are working together ($30,000 maximum). NCR-SARE expects to fund about 40 projects in the twelve-state North Central Region with this call. A total of approximately $720,000 is available for this program. You can find more information about sustainable agriculture at

NCR-SARE is accepting online submissions for the Farmer Rancher Grant Program. More information about the online submission system can be found in the call for proposals. Interested applicants can find the call for proposals online as well as useful information for completing a proposal at

You can find more information about sustainable agriculture at . Proposals must be received online or in the NCR-SARE office by mail or e-mail by 4pm Central Standard Time on December 1, 2022.

Attend a Farmer Rancher Grant Online Meeting

An online meeting on applying for a Farmer Rancher Grant will be held on September 21, 2022, at 4pm Central Daylight Time. NCR-SARE plans to record the zoom meeting and post it online here. Register for the meeting online at: . For questions, applicants with questions can contact Joan Benjamin, Associate Regional Coordinator and Farmer Rancher Grant Program Coordinator, at  or 573-681-5545. Applicants should also contact Joan Benjamin if they need a hard copy or an email version of the call for proposals. We revise our calls for proposals each year, which means it is crucial to use the most recent call for proposals.

In Nebraska, I serve as the North Central Region State SARE Coordinator. If you have questions or need assistance with this grant contact me; Gary Lesoing, (402) 274-4755 or (402) 274-9639 (cell) or  Nebraska farmers have been very successful over the years in receiving many of these NCR SARE Farmer/Rancher Grants. It is an opportunity to potentially receive some funding to try out a new idea. While the deadline is over 3 months away, if you are interested in submitting a proposal it is important to begin working on it. If you are interested in previously funded grants, go to: .

Gary Lesoing
Nebraska State SARE Coordinator
Nemaha County
August 2022