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For all affected by the recent historic flooding in Nebraska, please know that our thoughts are with you. Below are resources that might help you or someone you know through this difficult time.

Nebraska Extension Flood Resources

Nebraska Extension is your trusted source for flood-related information. On this web page you will find resources to help families & individuals, homeowners, businesses & communities, and agriculture.

Nebraska Property Taxes and the 2019 Flood (LB512)

Much of eastern and central Nebraska suffered devastating flooding in March 2019. Much agricultural land, as well as agricultural, residential, industrial and commercial property has been damaged or destroyed. A 2019 bill just enacted— Legislative Bill 512—allows property owners suffering significant flood damage to have the 2019 property taxes on flood-damaged property lowered....read more.

Moisture Meters Available

“It’s important to wait until wood and other materials dry out before attempting to repair a flood-damaged home,” said Dave Varner, associate dean with Nebraska Extension. “Renovating too soon could trap moisture, leading to rotting and promoting the growth of mold.”  Moisture meters have been distributed to extension offices throughout Nebraska and more are on the way. Homeowners wanting to borrow a meter are encouraged to contact their county office. Instructions for using the meter will be provided upon checkout.  Meters are available to be checked out at the Nemaha County Extension Office (basement of the courthouse).  Office hours are 8:00 am to Noon and 1:00-5:00 pm.  We will provide instructions on how to use them that include YouTube videos.

Sand Removal 

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality Fact Sheet: Potential Options for Removing Sand Deposited by Floods

Crop Resources

Garden, Trees & Landscapes

The Garden, Trees & Landscapes Flood Resources webpage provides resources for dealing with flood damaged trees, landscapes, lawns & gardens. Looking for information on helping a flood-damaged tree recover, recovering a flooded landscape, caring for flooded lawns, or flooded vegetable garden sites and food safety concerns . . . it's all here.

Flies & Mosquitos

Fly Issues After Flooding (PDF, 3 pgs, 979 KB) by David Boxler, Extension Educator, and Gary Brewer, Extension Specialist
Flooding and the 2019 Mosquito Season (PDF, 4 pgs,457 KB) by David Boxler, Extension Educator, and Gary Brewer, Extension Specialist

Other resources that might be of help:

Nebraska Disaster Resource Guide

"The Nebraska Disaster Resource Guide was developed with both public and private partners to aid Nebraskans personally recovering from disasters as well as those working to assist them,” said Governor Ricketts. “Navigating government agencies and a wide variety of community partners can seem overwhelming. The guide will help Nebraskans get connected to available resources more quickly.” The guide provides resource summaries, hotlines, and other contact information for more than two dozen community organizations as well as state and federal agencies involved in recovery assistance. It is available at: https://nema.nebraska.gov/sites/nema.nebraska.gov/files/doc/disaster-resource-guide.pdf

How Can I Help

We understand that many of you want to assist with immediate relief and response to Nebraska flooding. The How Can I Help webpage provides some guidance to helping the people and communities affected.

Disaster Relief Hay & Fencing Information

The Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center (ENREC) near Mead and Haskell Ag Lab at Concord are serving as collection locations for hay (large bales) donations and fencing materials for livestock owners/managers who were impacted by the recent adverse weather events in Nebraska. Arrangements need to be made prior to delivery.   Direct links to each site and additional details are at:

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture is responsible for distributing the donations and can be contacted at 1-800-831-0550.

Rebuilding Fences after Flood/Blizzard Damage (PDF, 2 pgs, 129 KB)

Serviceship Opportunities

The University of Nebraska is committed to being a long-term partner with local communities and people impacted by recent flooding. One effort is to provide University of Nebraska students an opportunity to engage with you and participate in useful efforts to help your community move forward.

Students Sought for Flood Recovery Serviceships 
Invitation to Host Serviceship Students

Nebraska Forest Service Resources

Inspecting Flood Damaged Trees (PDF, 1 pg, 619 KB)
Video:  Care for Flooded Trees
Grant Funding Available:  Funding is available through the NSA and NFS to assist with new tree planting. This could also include site preparation costs related to flood cleanup. Approximately $200,000 is available. An alternative is to apply for funding that would assist with projects that improve landscape resiliency on public properties. Communities can contact the Nebraska Forest Service directly at 402-472-2944 or submit a brief request at this link: https://nfs.unl.edu/flooding-requests
Heavy Equipment:  The Nebraska Forest Service will also provide heavy equipment (free of charge) for use by both communities and landowners. Some conditions apply.  Please contact Lew Sieber for more information: lsieber2@unl.edu or 402-624-8061.

Legal Aid’s Disaster Relief Project

All survivors of Nebraska’s flooding can get free and immediately useful information on our website: www.disaster.legalaidofnebraska.org.

Low-income Nebraskans can apply for direct legal representation two ways:

The Flood's Impact on Children

Flooding can cause stress on families. Keeping young children informed about situations like flooding is important to help calm emotions and to ease the transition process for the whole family. Resources found at Nebraska Extension: Flood Resources - Children & Family Resources, as well as the additional resources below can help children cope with disaster:

Resources from Missouri Extension

Flood-related resources from University of Missouri Extension

Resources from North Carolina Extension

Resources from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):

USDA/FSA Disaster Resources

NU Is Here to Help - Flood Assistance

Recent historic flooding across our state has impacted the lives of countless Nebraskans, including students, faculty and staff at the University of Nebraska. We've been inspired to see Nebraskans pull together during this time of need, and we know members of the University community are eager to help. On the University of Nebraska Flood Assistance webpage you'll find information for those impacted by the floods, and opportunities to provide support to your fellow Nebraskans.