Farm Bill Decision Resources

Farm Bill Meeting Videos

The two presentations (by extension and FSA) delivered at more than 30 farm bill meetings across the state are available to view in their entirety, as well as in shorter segments cut by topic, at

With the upcoming March 15 deadline for enrollment decisions, these may be helpful for producers who could not attend the meetings or for those looking to review the information again. The presentations are by Brad Lubben and Cathy Anderson.

Farm Bill Decision Aid Tool

The Texas A&M Farm Bill Decision Aid can be found at:

According to Jenny Rees, Extension Educator for Seward & York Counties, you will need to first login using your email and password. If you used the tool for the 2014 Farm Bill decision, it will take the same email and password.  See Jenny's blog for more information on using this tool:

Additional Resources

Additional farm bill resources are available at: