Enroll in Nemaha County 4-H

4HOnline is open! Now's the time to enroll and re-enroll for the 2019-2020 4-H year.  All 4-H youth and volunteers will enroll in clubs and projects through 4HOnline, a web-based enrollment system that will allow families to enroll on a personal computer or mobile device.  To enroll go to:  ne.4honline.com.
Resources to help you enroll:
Step-by-Step Instruction Sheet for 1st time enrollment (PDF, 14 pgs, 731 KB)
Re-enrollment Instruction Sheet (PDF, 8 pgs, 971 KB)
2020 Nemaha County 4-H Project List (PDF, 2 pgs, 678 KB)
Project Resource Central (Searchable Web-based Select a Project)
Please re-enroll by November 15, 2019.  This helps with the creation of mailing lists and communication.