Enroll as a Nemaha County 4-H Volunteer

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer in the Nemaha County 4-H Program?  Are you a volunteer and need to reenroll for the 2020-2021 4-H year?  Below is information that should help you with the proces..

With Nebraska 4-H, there are two types of volunteers, direct and indirect.

Direct Volunteers include all adults & teens acting as direct supervisors or mentors to youth.  In Nemaha County, Direct Volunteers will include Organizational Leaders, Clover Kid Day Camp Volunteers, Shooting Sports Volunteers, and 4-H Council Members. Direct volunteers will need to enroll on 4HOnline and be screened through DHHS.  Please go to: ne.4honline.com to enroll/reenroll.  Once you have done this, watch for an email from the office with instructions and a link to complete the screening. It will cost $5, however the 4-H Council will reimburse this fee.

Indirect Volunteers and/or Activity Support Staff includes all persons who provide support for youth activities providing indirect service and in Nemaha County, Indirect Volunteers will include superintendents, judges, clean up volunteers, food booth volunteers, club volunteers, etc.  Indirect volunteers will enroll using a paper form which includes a personal verification statement.  This should be completed and turned in to the Extension Office.
Nemaha County 4-H Indirect Volunteer Enrollment and Verification Statement (PDF, 1 pg, 1.27 MB)

Nebraska 4-H and Nemaha County 4-H are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all youth served by our program.   A BIG Thank You to all our 4-H volunteers! Your support is so important to 4-H and we thank you for your time and dedication to the program!