Check for Potential Herbicide Impact on Cover Crops

If you are using cover crops as part of your cropping system and/or a crop/livestock system, it is important to know the effect of herbicides on different cover crops for termination and for seeding at a future date. In the 2021 Nebraska Extension “Guide for Weed, Disease and Insect Management in Nebraska”, (EC130) there is an all-new section on cover crops (pp. 16-23). There is information discussing cover crops as a tool for weed suppression, cover crop termination, cover crop compatibility with herbicide rotation restrictions and several tables addressing these issues. The guide lists various cover crops and ratings for herbicides to use for termination in both corn and soybeans. Other tables provide replant time restrictions for different pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides in corn and soybeans for different forage cover crop species. In other words, it lists the number of days or months you must wait before you plant a specific cover crop following application of a specific herbicide if you plan to graze or harvest it for forage.   There are a number of other resources available on CropWatch at; ,, also in the Midwest Cover Crop Council Field Guide 2nd edition, Herbicide Carryover and Cover Crops, p29, Injury Potential of Some Common Corn Herbicides p31, Injury Potential of Some Common Soybean p34. The bottom line is select a herbicide or reliable method for terminating cover crops in the spring, know potential damage to cover crops from herbicides and restricts of using cover crops as a forage following herbicides. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at (402) 274-4755 or (402) 274-9639 (cell).


Gary Lesoing
Extension Educator
Nemaha County
May 2021