Check Fields for Alfalfa Weevil Larvae

With some cold temperatures this spring alfalfa was slow to get started growing in several fields. The past few weeks there have been several reports of alfalfa weevil in southeast Nebraska and there has been some spraying of fields with insecticides prior to harvest.  The rain received last week may have provided much needed moisture to allow for more growth before harvest. While most alfalfa is ready to harvest now, the cloudy and wet weather conditions have been very poor for putting up alfalfa as hay. If your fields are not ready for harvest, important to check them for alfalfa weevil larvae. To find resources about scouting for alfalfa weevil larvae go to: If you harvest your alfalfa, it will be important to keep an eye on alfalfa following harvest to make sure it greens up normally. If it doesn’t you probably need to check the field for alfalfa weevil. If treatment is warranted, there are several insecticides that are labeled for control of alfalfa weevil and are effective controls. The 2021 Guide for Weeds, Disease and Insect Management in Nebraska has an extensive list of insecticidal controls for alfalfa weevil larvae.  Some insecticides registered for alfalfa weevil include: Baythroid, Mustang Maxx, Lorsban, Malathion, and Warrior among others.  Remember to always follow label directions when using these chemicals, especially the PHI (Pre-harvest Interval). If you have questions, feel free to contact Gary Lesoing at or (402) 274-9639.

Gary Lesoing
Extension Educator
Nemaha County
May 2021