Livestock Systems Extension Educator, Connor Biehler, has recently released a website that can be found at The purpose of this website is to provide a hub for southeastern Nebraska beef producers, or those interested in southeast Nebraska beef production. This four-tab website includes everything from blogs and relevant educational materials to current markets and local weather conditions. The bottom of each tab includes news feed of the @bigredbeeftalk twitter page, the BeefWatch YouTube page, and the Saunders County Extension & 4-H Facebook page.  

  • The first tab on the site, labeled “Beef Talk” is the blog-like tab. Articles are released with the most current being at the top of the page and the older posts at the bottom or carried over to the next page. This page will serve as the home to Extension related articles, On-Farm Research Reports, and promotional materials for any upcoming Extension programs in southeast Nebraska. 
  • The next tab labeled “About” contains a brief biography of the website’s administrator, as well as a map containing the counties served in this Accountability Region.  
  • The third tab titled “Beef and Grain Markets” contains live prices and updates of seven different crop and livestock commodities. Located to the right of this grid is a red button titled “View Summaries” that when clicked on, is directed to a weekly updated summary released by the USDA. This summary recaps the previous week and last year prices for commodities such as feeder steers and heifers, hay prices, corn prices, and Nebraska ethanol co-product prices. The bottom of the page contains links that directly lead to Beatrice 77 Livestock and Wahoo Livestock Sales respective websites, which promote their upcoming sales and includes previous sale summaries.  
  • The final tab titled “Current Weather Data” contains a link to the Nebraska Mesonet as well as a continuously updating cattle comfort map.  

If you have any questions about the website, contact Connor Biehler at (402) 624-8007. Or email inquiries can be sent to