Sulfur cinquefoil – invasive species in western Nebraska

By Gary Stone, Extension Educator, Panhandle R&E Center, Scottsbluff

Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) is a concept to identify potential invasive species prior to or just as the establishment of the invasive is taking place. An integrated pest management plan (IPM) can be developed to manage, contain and eradicate the invasive species before it can spread further.  This will avoid costly, long-term control efforts.

Also known as rough-fruit cinquefoil, five-finger cinquefoil, or erect cinquefoil, sulfur cinquefoil’s scientific name is Potentilla rectaL. It is of the Rosaceae (rose) family.Sulfur cinquefoil is a perennial forb that has been identified in parts of Nebraska. It is either a state or local noxious weed in Colorado, Wyoming and other western states.    

The full Sulfur cinquefoil – invasive species in western Nebraska article may be found on the Panhandle Research & Extension Center web page, information includes pictures,  habitit, and management.