PANHANDLE PERSPECTIVES: 2018 pea variety trial results available on-line

Results of 2018 variety trials for field peas are in, and have been posted on the Nebraska Extension CropWatch website.

The pea trials consisted of four plots, with each with between 19 and 35 varieties. They were located in Box Butte, Cheyenne, Custer and Perkins counties. All plots were dryland (rain-fed). A fifth location in Webster County near Bladen failed.

For each variety at each plot, the CropWatch website report lists yield (listed according to rank); test weight; days to flowering and physiological maturity; height at harvest; and other information about the growing season and production practices at each location.

The direct link for variety trial results for peas is Or, navigate to the Other Crops Variety Trials page from the main Cropwatch page ( ) by clicking on these links: management > variety testing > other crops.

Results for 2018 and recent years are listed on that page for both dry beans and peas, along with oats, proso millet, and sunflower. Dry bean variety trial results are expected to be posted this winter, after UNL crews have finished harvest, sorting and cleaning, and data analysis.

On the same web page, growers also can locate local seed dealers for each pea variety by clicking on the 2018 Seed Book, compiled by the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association. Field pea dealer listings begin on page 23 of the Seed Book. The book also lists dealers for winter wheat, oats, millet, barley, triticale, chickpea, forage grasses, turf grasses and other crops.