Nebraska 4-H members in Catch A Calf Program have success at 2019 NATIONAL WESTERN Stock Show

Seven Nebraska 4-H members were among the top finishers in the National Western Stock Show Catch-A-Calf Contest completed recently in Denver.

The youth dedicated a year’s worth of effort to raise animals they caught at the 2018 stock show from calves to market steers. According to the National Western’s website, 4-Hers from Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming compete in National Western Stock Show’s (NWSS) longest running program of practical beef cattle management. In just over 80 years, the Catch-A-Calf Contest has awarded nearly 3,000 steers to 4-H members hailing from the western United States.

 Catch-A-Calf participants each caught calves at the 2018 NWSS, received their calves in May, fed and cared for them, and returned with the animals to the 2019 NWSS as market steers. The market animals are judged on rate of gain, quality of fitting, and carcass quality. Exhibitors are judged on showmanship, their record book, and a personal interview. The calves are bought with money donated by business sponsors.

Nebraska Participants included Shelby Brehm of Scottsbluff; Megan Schroeder of Wisner; Marlee Neu of Minatare; Kelsey Moffat of Oshkosh; Kenzee Moffat of Oshkosh; Jessica Wilkinson of Morrill; and Isaiah Waite of Morrill.

Results for each of the participants:

Megan Schroeder: Overall Reserve Grand Champion Exhibitor (includes scores from Sponsor Relations, Record Book, Interview, Steer's Industry Index, Deadlines Met, Live Placing and Showmanship); 1st in Showmanship Class 1; 1st in Live Placing Class 3; 2nd in Interview Division; 5th in Record Book Division.

Shelby Brehm: 2nd in Live Placing Class 1; 11th in Showmanship Class 3.

Marlee Neu: 1st in Sponsor Relations Division; 2nd in Overall Production (includes scores from Sponsor Relations, Record Book, Interview, and Steer's Industry Index); 3rd in Showmanship Class 2; 3rd in Live Placing Class 4; 4th in Record Book Division; 8th in Interview Division.

Kelsey Moffat: 2nd in Live Placing Class 4; 5th in Showmanship Class 2; 10th in Interview Division; 14th in Overall Production

Kenzee Moffat: 7th in Showmanship Class 3; 7th in Live Placing Class 4.

Jessica Wilkinson: 5th in Live Placing Class 3; 6th in Showmanship Class 3; 7th in Record Book Division; 9th in Overall Production.

Isaiah Waite: 4th in Live Placing Class 3; 5th in Showmanship Class 3; 12th in Overall Production.