Leading Farm and Ranch Employees Virtual Seminar Series January 2022

Nebraska Extension will host a virtual seminar series in January (Jan. 18, 20, 25 and 27) 2022 designed to help agricultural employers learn techniques and leadership practices to help motivate and empower employees.

Finding, hiring and retaining quality employees are major challenges for agricultural business in Nebraska. Help-wanted signs are everywhere. Nebraska currently has the lowest unemployment rate on record. Retaining employees is so difficult that many are calling this the “Great Resignation.” 

Agriculture is not exempt from this challenge; competition for available workers comes from area industries, and the labor market is tight. 

Dr. Bob Milligan, Senior Consultant with Dairy Strategies LLC and Professor Emeritus from Cornell University, will lead the seminar. Topics will include: 

  • Identifying the future direction of the operation and its workforce needs; 
  • Developing position descriptions, performance expectations, and accountability; 
  • Learning effective recruitment, interviewing, and hiring procedures; 
  • Identifying employee training and development needs; 
  • Strategies for delivering high quality feedback to employees. 

The seminar will be delivered via Zoom from 12:30-2 p.m. CST (11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. MST).  Participants will need internet access and are encouraged to use a computer with a camera and a microphone to participate. Participants in the seminar should plan to attend each of the four sessions. 

Cost is $50 per person. Participation is limited to 50 people.  Registration is requested by January 11. Register online at go.unl.edu/Leading_Employees. 

For questions about the seminar or for more information, please contact Aaron Berger, Nebraska Extension Educator at 308-235-3122 or aberger2@unl.edu.

The Leading Farm and Ranch Employees Seminar Series material is supported in-part by the Nebraska Women in Agriculture Program.”