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We would love to have you join the 4-H community in Merrick County!  For more information on what 4-H has to offer, check out our 4-H Welcome Packet (pdf).

To find out what's happening in Merrick County 4-H, take a look at our 4-H times, located on our Merrick County 4-H Newsletters page.

4-H Clover  4-H Enrollment

The new 4-H year will begin October 1, 2022.  The 4-H enrollment system (4-H Online) will be available for enrollment after October 17th and can be found here:  If you were previously enrolled in 4-H, you may use your same login information to enroll (please do not create a new account). New 4-H members may enroll anytime during the year; however in order to participate at the Merrick County Fair, enrollment must be completed by June 15th. We ask returning 4-H members to re-enroll by March 15th.  Listed below are several step-by-step guides to walk you through the process. 

Tips for completing your 4-H Enrollment (PDF) 

Steps to Enroll for NEW families (PDF)

Steps to Enroll for RETURNING 4-H Members and Volunteers (PDF)

Adding a NEW family member to your account (PDF)

Gavel  Join a 4-H Club or Join 4-H as an Independent Member

Choose what works best for your family!

  • A 4-H club is an organized group of youth, led by an adult, that provides a series of educational experiences. 4-H clubs typically have elected officers and a set of rules approved by the membership to govern the club.
  • Families/youth may choose to participate in 4-H as Independent members, operating independently of a formal group setting, such as a club. This may be an individual or family learning effort.

We are always welcoming new clubs. 4-H clubs must have at least three families enrolled with five kids or more. If you would like to start your own 4-H club, please contact the Merrick County Extension Office at (308) 946-3843 or check online for further details at If you would like a current 4-H club to contact you with further information about their club, please contact the Merrick County Extension Office.

Hand  4-H Project Opportunities

Are you wanting to select a 4-H project, but don't know where to start?  Check out the following project guides:

In addition, there are project manuals available for almost every 4-H project.  (Available project manuals are listed in the Pick Your Project above.)  These written manuals provide hands-on lessons & ideas to help youth acquire new skills and knowledge.  The manuals are not required, but can be very helpful.  Manuals are available at the Extension office or free or purchased directly through the following websites:

For more information, access to monthly 4-H newsletters, scholarships & much more, check out our 4-H member resources page!

If you have questions, please call the Merrick County Extension office at (308) 946-3843.  We are here to help!