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Cat and Companion Animal Show Program

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Contest Results (Archery, Shotgun, Public Speaking, Ice Cream Roll, Livestock Judging, Bicycle Rodeo)

Consumer and Family Science Results (Human Development, Consumer Management, Clothing, Fiber Arts)

Fashion Show Results

Quilt Quest Results

Home Environment Results (Preserving Heirlooms, Design My Place, Design Decisions, Sketchbook Crossroads, Portfolio Pathways, Heritage)

Citizenship, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Results (Citizenship, ESI, Leadership, Serving as Jr. Leader, You Design It or 4-H Afterschool)

Communications and Expressive Arts Results (Photography, Theatre Arts)

Science, Engineering and Technology Results (Wood Science, Welding, Electricity, Aerospace, Robotics, Computers, Physics/Power of Wind)

Environmental Education & Earth Science Results (Wildlife, Conservation, Shooting Sports, Entomology, Forestry)

Plant Science Results (Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape Design, Range, Agronomy)

Healthy Lifestyle Education Results (Safety, Food & Nutrition, Food Preservation)

Clover Kids Results

Hard Luck Results

Project Resources

Bucket Calf Project Record Book 

Home Environment Tags (4 to a sheet)

Preserving Heirlooms

Photography Resources (Data Tags, Suggestions, etc.)

Plant Science Resources- Preparing Cut Flowers    Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits

Clothing Resources

$15 Challenge Form

Foods Resources- Food Preservation Card  USDA Guide to Home Canning 

Human Development Resources

Agronomy Resources- Crop Production Worksheet