What is SPIN Club?

SPIN Clubs were formed to bring in new 4-H members and introduce current 4-H members to "new" topics of intrest that lead to skills for life. These "Special Intrest" clubs are offered through 4-H to bring children and families with common interests together. SPIN Clubs work like a 4-H club with a shorter period of operation. SPIN Club still upholds the 4 essential elements of 4-H:
* Belonging
* Independence
* Generosity
* Mastery
Experiential learning is a key in 4-H, thus SPIN Clubs focus on a single 4-H project at a time using hands on learning to teach that project. SPIN Clubs explore a single 4-H project topic each month.

Who can participate?

Children ages 5 to 18 can take part in SPIN Clubs. 4-H members may also participate in SPIN Clubs along with being in a 4-H club, and partake in the many 4-H opportunities that take place throughout the year. Once online 4-H enrollment is completed the SPIN Club member will recieve a 4-H newletter to inform them of what is going on in the 4-H world.

What do I have to do?

SPIN Club is organized and explained up-front to allow families an understanding of what 4-H has to offer and what their annual commitment involves. There is a one-time fee along with an annual membership fee, which covers 4-H enrollment and all of the supplies.

The 4-H program may seem overwhelming to new families with its size and vast opportunities, but the 4-H program can be tailor-made to fit each families wants and needs lowering the amount of responsibility for your family.

2018 Projects

2018 Information will be available in January

Past Project Highlights

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