Welcome to the Wonderful World of 4-H!

   4-H Special Interest clubs are a fun way to:

¨ Learn about a single topic during focused meetings.  Activities may build upon skills previously learned or may be a one-time opportunity.

¨ Members are eligible to join other 4-H clubs and participate in 4-H opportunities throughout the year.

¨ All SPIN Club members/families will receive a monthly electronic newsletter after enrolling.

¨ Stay in touch with 4-H events/activities by connecting through social media!

¨ The 4-H program is so large and opportunities SO vast that it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming when you are new.  The 4-H experience can be tailored to fit your goals, schedule, and interests. That is one reason 4-H is such a great program for Nebraska families.

Online Registration

Online registration is required to join each  4-H SPIN Club.  The 4-H membership fee can be paid online at the time of registration or in-person at the Extension Office, 348 W State Farm Rd, North Platte.  Registration instructions can be found on the bottom of each Spin Club Page.    

COST:   $5.00 annual 4-H membership
                PLUS SPIN Club fee (All Clubs $35)   No refunds will be given.

Fee Include:  Supplies, Accident Insurance and 4-H T-shirt

EXAMPLE:  How much would it cost to belong to SPIN Into the Crafty Corner  and SPIN Beginning Sewing?  $75.00
EXAMPLE:  I already belong to the “Happy Hounds 4-H Club” but want to join SPIN AG Innovators?  $35.00


2020 Projects

Click below for printable flyers.

Spin Cooking in the Kitchen (Ages 8-18)
Spin into the Crafty Corner (Ages 6-16)

Past Project Highlights