Now is the time to join 4-H in Lincoln, Logan or McPherson counties.  You are encouraged to learn more about 4-H opportunities at

Become a future leader in your community by joining 4-H today.  Youth learn life skills, leadership and serve their communities all as a part of 4-H. The Nebraska 4-H Program is a part of the University of Nebraska—Lincoln Extension system’s dynamic, educational program for today’s young people, ages of 5 -19.  4-H has been serving the young people of Nebraska with educational and leadership opportunities since 1902.  The Nebraska 4-H Program is the nation’s leader in youth participation among those in eligible age groups.  In Nebraska, 4-H Youth Development Program reaches 1 in 3 age-eligible youth across the state.

The 4-H Program across Nebraska has touched the lives of numerous young people statewide as it provides a unique opportunity for young people to develop life skills through hands-on learning experiences, including educational workshops, project work, presentation experiences, camps, conferences, before- and after-school programs, and other events at local, county, district, state, national, and international levels. 


Discover 4-H!  Clubs and programs for 2019 have begun, enroll today --   become a 4-H member or volunteer in Lincoln, Logan or McPherson Counties today!  For more information, contact the University of Nebraska Extension, in Lincoln, Logan and McPherson Counties, 308-532-2683 or email; or log-on to enroll at