Upon completion of a School Enrichment Project lead by staff from the Lincoln-Logan-McPherson County Extension Office, we encourage you to create an exhibit about what your class learned for the 2022 County Fair. Below is a section out of our Fairbook listing the requirement for these exhibits. Feel free to reach out to extension staff with any questions about how to enter for fair: Kate Marshall kate.marshall@unl.edu or Amber Willard amber.willard@unl.edu.

1. Students and/or classes involved in 4-H School Enrichment projects may be eligible to enter exhibits at county fair.

2. Class posters should measure 28”x22” or smaller and individual posters should measure 12”x18” or smaller.

3. For class projects, only ONE entry per program per classroom.

4. For individual projects, each student may enter their own exhibit.

5. Exhibitor’s name, school, and grade should be attached to the right-hand corner of the poster or display.

6. Each class and/or individual may enter one exhibit per class number per School Enrichment program they participated in.

School Enrichment Individual Essay – at least 100 words in length about “What I Learned in My School Enrichment Project”

School Enrichment Individual Poster – Use photos and/or drawings to illustrate the learning in your project. Poster should not exceed 22” by 30”.

School Enrichment Individual You Be the Teacher exhibit – Share with others what you learned in the school enrichment project. Can be a notebook or small display of an educational nature.

School Enrichment Class Exhibit – May be a poster or small educational display demonstrating what the class learned from the school enrichment project.