Click for 2020 Fairbook

New/Updated Classes & Project Areas:


General Animal - Accessory/Item made for animal science project. Designed/created by 4-H’er. Any medium can be used. Ex. Braided halter, show stick, blanket, leatherwork, etc. **Item must be checked in on static item judging day for evaluation.

Portfolio Pathways - Original mixed media accessory

Aerospace - Drone video

Rockets – Changes in class requirements

Robotics –3D printed robotic parts

Woodworking - Composite wood project, Outdoor wood project made with treated wood

Welding - Composite weld project

Major Division Changes – Photography: New Photography manuals for all levels & changes in general rules & guidelines, classes & data tags for all levels.


Other general rule reminders & updates:

Logan County: 4-Her’s do NOT need to enter a unit cake to exhibit in the Novelty cake class.


No “video” reviews will be allowed (all areas, all counties).


Oversize or especially large/heavy static items qualifying for State Fair may need to be transported by the exhibitor.


Absolutely no non 4-H members on horses at the shows for liability purposes.  This includes CLOVERKIDS.   


**Please review ALL AREAS of the 2020 Fair Book that pertain to your projects, even if they are not listed above!