Congratulations to Layci Condon

4-H members were encouraged to apply for the 2020-2021 National Western Stock Show (NWSS) Catch-A-Calf Program. One of our Knox County 4-H’ers, Layci Condon from Creighton, decided to accept the challenge and apply for the chance to show a steer at the NWSS.  She was one of 40 youth selected from Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas to participate in the Catch-A-Calf program held in Denver, CO on January 19. Layci entered the ring with her rope harness and had 3 minutes to run on foot and chase down a calf and drag it back to the holding pen. It was sheer pride for Layci’s family to watch her wrangle her calf into her possession by cradling its head with expertise and to hear Layci’s name announced as the first one in the group to haul in a calf in approximately 20 seconds. The calf that Layci caught is not the calf that she will bring home to raise. Layci will go back in May and get to choose a calf from one of the show-stock animals to bring home and raise. She will then return a year later to show it at the NWSS and compete for awards. Layci is also required to report back to them every month and update them on how the calf is doing.  What a great opportunity for Layci to learn and grow in the beef cattle industry. Congratulations!

(article taken in part from the Knox County News, January 22, 2020 issue)Layci Condon receiving her award