Flood Recovery Information

Find flood recovery information from Nebraska Extension at Flood.unl.edu. Check back as new resources are added.  

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  • Ensuring Safe Well Water after a Flood. If you're concerned your private well may have been contaminated by flood water, here are some considerations for protecting your well, testing your water, and how to treat it if necessary.
  • Flooding and Stored Grain. Flood-damaged grain is considered adulterated due to the potential for chemicals and other contaminants in the water. It's also at higher risk for mold damage. This Iowa State University story discusses how to manage damaged grain while protecting good stored grain.
  • Coping with Stress During a Crisis. Is your family trying to cope with the added challenges brought on by Mother Nature this week? This article offers tips for helping your family cope and is based on UNL research with more than 24,000 families. Stay Strong! Stay Resilient!