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Nebraska Farm Custom Rates

Cornhusker Economics - 2023 Nebraska Farmland Values and Cash Rental Rates

Preliminary land values and rental rates are subject to change as additional surveys are returned. Final results from the survey will be published in June 2019 and will be available online via the Nebraska Farm Real Estate website:

Winter Wheat Variety Test Results

Chemigation Certification

Private Applicator Certification and Training

Rural Stress and Family Wellness - As one response to the immediate need for attention to stress and suicide prevention in Nebraska, Extension’s Rural Stress and Family Wellness work group has collected resources for farmers and ranchers. You can find the information here.

Lawn and Garden

Fertilizer Use in Home Landscapes - G1941  - Homeowners can improve the health and attractiveness of their grass and plants by selecting and applying the proper fertilizer. Learn how to read labels, select a spreader and exercise proper fertilizer management.

Kentucky Bluegrass Management Calendar -G517 - This calendar is a basic guide to Kentucky bluegrass managment In Nebraska

Establishing Buffalograss Turf in Nebraska - G1946 

Perennial Grassy Weed Control - Perennial grasses are considered weeds when they disrupt uniformity of a truf area.

Broadleaf weed control in Home Lawns -  Broadleaf weeds are some of themost common and bothersome pests in lawns.

Crabgrass and Other Summer Annual Grassy Weeds - Crabrass is one of the most problematic annual grassy weeds in turfgrass, especially in summer during its aggressive growth period.

Control of Annual Grassy Weeds in Lawn - CSU - Crabgrass, foxtail, barnyard  grass and goosegrass can be lawn problem

Ground Cover Plants - CSU - Ground covers help link together ornamental plants

Identifying Landscape Plants -EC1265 - Plant Identification is a very important basic skill.

Ornamental Grasses  for Nebraska Landscapes - G169  - Ornamental grasses can serve many functions in the landscape.

Landscape Plants for Wildlife


Bait Stations for Controlling Rats and Mice - G1646

Rodent-Proof Construction - Structural - G1530

Moles and Their Control - G1538

Controlling Pocket Gophers in Nebraska - G1509

Controlling Vole Damage - G887

Prairie Dogs and Their Control - G2101

Bats in and Around Structures - G1667

Residential Mosquito Control - G2037

Bee Aware - EC301