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A Static Summary Sheet (PDF) is due when exhibits are checked in. Make sure all exhibits being checked in at that time are listed on the sheet.


  • Clothing Project Levels Skill Sets (PDF) - This is a list of skills for the three levels of STEAM (previously Clothing Level 1, Clothing Level 2, Sewing for You) and the Beyond the Needle Project (previously Decorate Your Duds).
  • STEAM 1 Pattern Possiblities (PDF) - This is an extensive list of patterns that 4-Her’s can use for STEAM 1 (formerly Clothing Level 1) projects this year. They are by no means the only ones they can use, but any pattern used needs to stay within these guidelines: Exhibits must be made from medium weight woven fabrics that will sew and press smoothly, flannel/ fleece is acceptable. Solid color fabrics or those having an overall print are acceptable. NO PLAIDS, STRIPES, NAPPED or JERSEY KNIT. Patterns should be simple without darts, set-in sleeves, and collars. Raglan and kimono sleeves are acceptable.


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