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Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference 2023 - May 11, 2023 - Jordan Rasmussen, Extension Educator - Rural Prosperity

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[0:01] Nebraska Extension’s Rural Prosperity Nebraska team[0:04] invites you to participate in the upcoming[0:06] Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference,[0:09] in Valentine, Nebraska, June 8 and 9.[0:12] The conference will focus on how people plus places plus economy[0:16] can yield prosperity for rural Nebraska communities.[0:19] To learn more or register, please visit[0:26] The CEC Conference is an opportunity to educate community members[0:29] on the various tools and resources available to assist them in helping[0:33] entrepreneurs grow and prosper in their communities.[0:37] Local, regional, and national presenters[0:39] will share how they found success in building their entrepreneurial ecosystems.[0:44] No boring meeting rooms here![0:46] CEC sessions are held in area businesses, hosted by business owners.[0:50] As a participant, you get the full experience of the[0:53] downtown area as you move from session to session.[0:56] This creative approach has proven enjoyable and offers[0:59] plenty of opportunity for networking and seeing[1:02] firsthand an entrepreneurial community at work.[1:05] Conference sessions will be hosted in five tracks[1:07] Community Capacity Building, Tourism, Community Frameworks,[1:11] Business Transition and Creative Partnerships and[1:14] Placemaking or select the topics most relevant to[1:17] your business and community growth.[1:19] Sessions will cover topics ranging from local food entrepreneurship networks to[1:23] creative district development, and will showcase area businesses and[1:27] entrepreneurs, along with Valentine’s years long Main Street renovation.[1:32] Local restaurants and venues will also be featured during the noon meals and[1:36] the evening networking event, all included in registration.[1:40] So, if you are an entrepreneur, local community leader, or[1:43] simply interested in learning more about ways to help your small town thrive,[1:47] we hope to see you at the 2023 Connecting Entrepreneurial[1:50] Communities Conference, June 8 and 9 in Valentine.[1:54] To register and see the complete line-up of presenters and keynote speakers,[1:58] please visit[2:03] For Nebraska Extension, I am Jordan Rasmussen.