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2021 Fair Information

Some of this information has not be update to the 2021 Fair Information - Please check back for updates.  Thanks for understanding.

  • Online Entries Using Fairwire
    All Entries will be made online.
    Here are the detailed step-by-step instructions with screenshots to walk you through the process of online entries.  Entries are easy to make so please do not let the lengthy in- structions scare you. The screenshots take up a lot of the pages. We recommend printing these instructions for use during registration. (This site will be open to take entries until July 21 at 11:59 pm. No entries will be taken after this date)
  • Requesting Stalls/Pens: You will be able to request your stalls/pens/cages while you are in Fairwire. Due to limited space, not every individual exhibitor will be able to have a stall/pen/cage for just his/her animals. Families will be put together. So, with this in mind, only request the number of stalls/pens/cages that you will actually need for the whole family. When you enter an animal in a division which requires a stall/pen/cage (beef, bucket calf, dairy cattle, dairy goat, meat goat, sheep, swine, rabbits, and poultry) please submit an entry in the ‘ XX Animals Number of Stalls/Pens/Cages Needed’ division. In the class field, select which animal type of stall/pen/cage you are requesting. Fill in number of head and number of stalls/pens/cages needed. Note: Please submit one ‘XX Animals Stalls/Pens/Cages Needed’ item per division. If you have entries in the Swine division, create in the ‘Swine Pens Needed’ Division to request pens for swine. If you also have entries in the Sheep division, submit another entry in the ‘Sheep Pens Needed’ division to request pens for sheep.  This helps with fair set-up to determine the number of stalls, pens and cages needed. This is due July 21.
  • Photography Data Tags
  • Premier Science Award - Information and Application
  • Food and Food Preservation -
    • Food Preservation Card - 4 cards per page  - docx or pdf version - This form is required for all Food Preservation exhibits.
    • UNL Canning Web Site
    • Elevation Map - Map of Nebraska with Elevation
    • What is My Elevation -  Web site - Fill in your address and it will give the elevation for that address.
    • 4-H Food Safety - Preparing Food Safely for Judging at County Fair -
      A one page flyer on food safety including some foods that will not be accepted, judged or displayed because of food safety issues.
  • Home Environment -
    • Home Environment Data Tags - 4 tags per page  - docx or pdf version -
      This form is required for all Home Environment exhibits. Information must also include elements or principles of design used and steps taken to complete project. This template has 4 forms on a page.
  • Interview Judging Information
    • Go to this page to learn how to Interview Judge, watch several You Tube videos on Interview Judging and for the Absentee Interview Judging Form.

Holt County Fair Forms And Information

Boyd County Fair Forms And Information

AKSARBEN  Pioneer & Heritage Farm Awards
The AKSARBEN Foundation and the Nebraska Farm Bureau recognize Nebraska farm families who have consecutively held ownership of land within the same family for 150 years. To date, more than 9,000 families in all 93 counties have been honored. Recipients are presented a plaque and gatepost marker during the annual county fair in which the land is owned. To apply, farm families must fill out an application and have it signed by the local county fair board member and return it to the AKSARBEN Foundation by May 1.
AKSARBEN Good Neighbor Award - Nominations are accepted year-around with the annual review date set for March 15 each year. For more information go to the Ak-Sar-Ben web page.