Animal Welfare and Good Management Practices for Fairs and Exhibitors

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Animal Welfare for Fairs and Exhibitors

There is increased emphasis by media on the welfare of animals; as well as evidence that a few organizations are becoming more open in their criticism of the care of animals. To help 4-Hers and their leaders understand the differences between animal welfare and animal rights, attached is brochures for 4-H and FFA youth, and their leaders, who plan to exhibit animals at the Boyd County Fair and the Nebraska State Fair. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension thanks faculty of the Ohio State University from whom we adapted these brochures. These two brochures - a Leaders Guide (*257.0 kb pdf file - 2 pages) and a Youth Guide (*247.0 KB pdf file - 2 pages) are to be run front/back. The Nebraska Farm Bureau and State Department of Agriculture have added their endorsement to these brochures through the use of their names. FFA will join 4-H in the distribution of these educational brochures.


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