2019 Boyd County 4-H Jamboree

The 2019 4-H Jamboree was held on November 3, 2019. The day’s activities began at the Lynn Theatre by watching the movie “The Overcomer”. After the movie we went over to the Lynch Community Hall for the Awards Program. 4-H Council President Virginia Nelson gave the welcome. 4-H member, Ava Garwood, lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge. Extension Educator LaDonna Werth presented the following awards, ribbons and recognition:

2019 Public Speaking Contest was held on April 2 at the Boyd County Courthouse in Butte. The Public Speaking Contest gives each 4-H member an opportunity to speak before a group. 4-H members learn how to develop their speaking skills and gain self-confidence. These are skills the 4-H member will use their entire life. Ribbons are sponsored by the Nebraska Rural Radio Network: Clover Kid Non-Original Reading were given by Kayl Finnegan and Ava Garwood and they both received Clover Kid Participant Ribbons. Junior Division Speeches were given by Grace Finnegan and Adam Bernt they both receive purple ribbons. An Intermediate Division Speech was given by Elizabeth Bernt and she received a purple ribbon. At the Regional Speech Contest, held at Wayne State College, Wayne, Grace Finnegan was one of two winners in the Junior Division.  Adam Bernt and Elizabeth Bernt both received a blue ribbon in their divisions. Special Recognition Speech Certificates were given to Adam Bernt - Well Organized Speech; Kayl Finnegan - Great Vocal Variety; and Ava Garwood - Great Speaking Voice. Recipient of the Champion Speech Award, sponsored by Gregg and Karla Honke of Carroll, Iowa, was Elizabeth Bernt. Recipient of the Reserve Champion Speech Award, also sponsored by Gregg and Karla Honke of Carroll, Iowa, was Grace Finnegan. 

Community Service Certificates were given to the following clubs for all of the various activities that they do throughout the year.

Boyd County Shooting Sports Club - The Boyd County Shooting Sports Club cleaned up the Gross Park, provided workers for the State 4-H Shooting Sports Trailers at the Boyd County Fair, decorated and hosted the Haunted House at the Boyd County Fairgrounds.

Busy Beavers 4-H Club - The Busy Beavers 4-H members assisted with fair set up and tear down, along with cleaning up around the fairgrounds and livestock buildings during the fair.  They also worked the fair concession stand one day of the fair.  Three members worked as junior leaders helping at Shooting Sports, workshops and during the fair in the entry hall.  

Jolly 17 4-H Club - The Jolly 17 4-H Club conducted and the Easter Egg Hunt in Lynch. 

Niobrara Ramblers 4-H Club - The Niobrara Ramblers 4-H Club made 40 Bake and Take Food Plates and delivered them. They also made Valentine Bags their family and elderly people in the community. They had several members help with Entry Day and at the County Fair.

Riverview Livestock 4-H Club - The Riverview Livestock 4-H Club held a Coat Drive and Soup Supper. They gave monetary donations to the Spencer Christmas Tree, Bright Horizons and the Basic Needs Pantry.  The coats were donated to the Spencer Christmas Tree, Bright Horizons and Orphan Grain Train.  Instead of a Christmas gift exchange, they brought items to donate to the Basic Needs Pantry in O’Neill. They conducted the Spencer’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt, planted and cared for the flower pots at the fairgrounds/park, helped with Fair Set-up, Tear-down and worked during the fair.

4-H Member Certificates and 4-H Leader Certificates were handed out.

4-H Leaders Pins for Years of Service were given to:

2 Years (Bronze Pin) - Andrea Hipke, Deb Kopecky, and Doug Samp.       

5 Years (Silver Pin and Certificate) - Carrie Engelhaupt, Breg Finnegan, Corey Finnegan, Stacy Fletcher, Nathan Gillaspie, and Shilo Gillaspie.

10 Years (Gold Pin and Certificate) - Paul Hausmann and Tricia Hipke.

15 Years (Pearl Pin and Certificate) - Connie McCarthy.

20 Years (Diamond Pin and Certificate) - Mary Haun.  

4-H Club of Excellence Seal was given to the Niobrara Ramblers 4-H Club to be placed on their Club of Excellence Charter for the October 2018 - September 2019 4-H year.

2019 4-H Junior Division Annual Achievement Award Applications were turned in for judging and results are as follows:

Healthy Living Area - Kyla McCarthy - Blue Ribbon and Medal

STEM Area - Adam Bernt - Purple Ribbon and Medal; Elizabeth Bernt - Purple Ribbon and Medal; and Cora Roth - Blue Ribbon and Medal.

The recipient of the Champion Achievement Application Award, sponsored by Dekalb and Asgrow, Mike and Nicole Hostert, Butte, was Elizabeth Bernt. Recipient of the Reserve Champion Achievement Application Award, sponsored by Dekalb and Asgrow, Mike and Nicole Hostert, Butte, was Adam Bernt.

Three Outstanding 4-H Year reports were turned in for competition. This is a report that explains why you thought you had an outstanding, awesome 4-H year. In the Senior Division - Elizabeth Bernt receives the certificate and award. In the Junior Division – Adam Bernt received the certificate and award. The Boyd County 4-H Council sponsors both of these awards.

Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program is a non-competitive program recognizes 4-Hers for their accomplishments and life skill development. Youth are encouraged to engage in a variety of projects and activities that will enable them to acquire the life skills necessary to lead successful lives as competent, caring and contributing citizens. Receiving the Level 2 Aquamarine Pin and Certificate was Adam Bernt and Kyla McCarthy. Receiving the Level 4 Sapphire Pin and Certificate was Elizabeth Bernt.

Thanks go out to the sponsors of these awards, to the Boyd County Fair Board for the pop and the Jolly 17 4-H Club for serving as host club.


Speech Contest

4-H Speech Contest Award Special Recognition Certificates and Award Winners


4-H Achievement Award Application Medal Winners

Diamond Clover

Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program Winners