Record Book/ Career Portfolio/ Scholarship

Achievement Party- October 20th, Ag Auditorium, Hamilton County Fairgrounds
Record Books/ Career Portfolios are due to leaders on September 13, 2019  and to the Extension Office by September 20, 2019.

Helpful information:

Achievement Application- website with Junior and Senior level applications

Achievement Application Slides (PDF slide show guiding you through the step by step process of writing an Achievement Application)

Achievement Application Workbook (NOT THE ACTUAL APPLICATION- this is a Word Doc to help you gather all your information and figure out exactly what to put in your Achievement Application)

Clover Kid Record Book (optional)

Record Book/ Career Portfolio Links on the website (old format):

4-H Record Book-Career Portfolio Website- this has lots of information on filling out your Record Book

Animal Project Record- additional informational insert for Record Book- Animal Projects

Companion Animal Project Record- additional informational insert for Record Book- Companion Animal Projects

Additional Awards:

Award Submission Process (PDF to walk you through the applying for awards)

Participation Scholarship Form- Word Doc.

Achievement Awards (Personal Growth and Special Awards)

Achievement Awards 2019 (Excel)

King & Queen Application (Word Doc)

Hamilton County 4-H College Scholarship Application

4H Diamond Clover Program