2021 Hamilton County Fair

Hamilton County Fair

July 26- August 1, 2021

Fairbook, entry forms and details will be added as they become available.

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2021 Fairbook- complete

pages 1-9

Animal Science

Static County Only & Static Animal Science

Communications & Expressive Arts

Consumer & Family Sciences

Environmental Education  & Earth Science

Healthy Lifestyle Education

Leadership & Citizenship

Plant Science

Science, Engineering & Technology

Clover Kids

Livestock ID Sheets

Hamilton County Livestock ID Requirements Charts- a handy chart for all livestock and companion animals, what to do and when.  

2021 Livestock Pre-entry form

2021 Livestock Pre-entry form- Editable PDF

2021 Companion Animal Pre-entry form

2021 Companion Animal Pre-entry for- Editable PDF

ID Sheets for Beef, Swine, Sheep, and Goat (Excel)

Dairy Goat

Llama/ Alpaca


Bucket Calf Book

Dog (verification of vaccines)

Cat (verification of vaccines)

Static Entry Forms

Static Pre-Fair Entry Form

Static Pre-Fair Entry Form- Editable PDF

Fashion Show Entry Form

Shopping in Style

Shopping in Style- Editable PDF

$15 Challenge

$15 Challenge- Editable PDF

Favorite Food Contest Information

Preparing Cut Flowers for Exhibits at County Fairs and the Nebraska State Fair

Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit for Exhibits at County Fairs and the Nebraska State Fair

Photography Tags:

Unit I- Data Tag

Unit II- Data Tag

Unit II- Showcase

Unit III- Data Tag

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