Weather Ready Landscapes

In the blink of an eye, extreme weather events can wreak havoc on lawns and landscapes, often leaving homeowners and landscape managers at a loss for what to do. To help these people make decisions and take actions prior to and after extreme weather events, Nebraska Extension recently released “weather ready landscapes” infographics.

The final four infographics in a series of eight are now available: The two-page infographics cover the following weather topics: flood, hail, ice, and tornado and wind. Infographics released in early fall 2018 cover winter desiccation, frost, dormancy breaks, and drought.

On the front page, the weather term is defined and preventative actions are explained. On the back page, typical damage is shown and corrective actions are covered. Each infographic contains photos, which help learners identify the impacts of weather conditions on their lawns and landscapes. The infographics are formatted for desktop printing, and they can be printed on an as-needed basis.

The infographics’ content was developed by a team of educators, and the design work was provided by Jacht Ad Lab, UNL’s student-run advertising agency. This project is a collaborative effort between the Climate Variability Issue Team and the Water Use Efficiency Issue Team.

For questions about the infographics, contact a member of the Weather Ready Landscapes group: John Fech, Kelly Feehan, David Lott, Elizabeth Killinger, Ashley Mueller, or Tyler Williams.

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