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Bitmoji Classrooms are sweeping the nation with their engaging digital content. Nebraska 4-H jumped into the Bitmoji Classroom craze and developed Check the DECK! (Digital Engagement Classroom Kits). By creating technology-based digital experiences, and utilizing relevant educational resources, youth engagement and learning excelled to new heights.      

Striving toward Nebraska Extension’s key practice of innovation, the newly created digital curricula blends virtual & hands-on learning experiences and fosters active and engaging youth learning opportunities.

Get your game on with these Bitmoji Classrooms!

Click on the images to play games and to check out fun activities.

Check the DECK - #411 Growth

Get the #411 (information) on personal growth! Every day is a great day to learn more about yourself. Once you are done, click on the Exit Ticket to receive a certificate of completion!

#411 Growth - Learn more about personal growth.

Check the DECK - DIY Digital

Grab a mobile device and get engaged in these fun DIY Digital activities. Once you are done with the activities, click on the Exit Ticket to receive your certificate of completion! 

DIY Digital - Grab a mobile device and get engaged in these fun DIY Digital activities.


Virtual Movement Space

Learn about nutrition and fun ways to get up and move!

Virtual Movement Space - Learn about nutrition and fun ways to get up and move!

Virtual Kitchen

Try these healthy recipes and fun activities in the kitchen! We would love to see what recipes you have made! Send us pictures at

Virtual Kitchen - Try these healthy recipes and fun activities in the kitchen!


Summer Physical Activity Bingo

Here are fun ways to keep moving this summer!  See how many BINGO squares you can check off.

Summer Physical Activity Bingo

iGrow @ Home Activities

Click the image below and enjoy these hands-on 4-H activities @ home with your family!

iGrow at Home Activities

Ignite a Spark and Engage Your Family with Spark, Link & Learn Projects!

Looking for fun projects to do at home?  Check out Spark, Link & Learn projects below!

Post your projects!  #4HSparkLinkLearn

Spark, Link & Learn Project Series logo


Build Cool Things  Engineering Fun

Engineering is a career where you use science to invent, design, and build things to solve problems in our world.  The field of engineering includes developing roads, bridges, cars, planes, machines, tools, robots, computers, and more! If you like figuring out how stuff works, and like to solve problems big and small, you might want to explore engineering as a career path!

Today’s project is to build a catapult!  Start with the directions below and make a catapult. After building your first catapult, create and design your own. We have included several video links below that will inspire you. If at any point, you find that your catapult design is not working, take a minute to explore other ideas. It’s okay to test a few different solutions before finding the one that works best. Engineers are creative, problem-solvers! 

Our next activity will give your engineering skills a workout! You will build an indoor string maze or treasure hunt for your family/friends. Watch as they work their way through the maze using their problem-solving skills! Don’t forget to post a photo! #4HSparkLinkLearn.  

Discussion Starters: If your catapult didn’t work the first time, what changes did you make? If you enjoy figuring out how things work and like to solve problems, what types of engineering careers or jobs could you explore? Career ideas: Computer science, architecture, electrical engineer, drafting & design, aerospace engineer, and more! What is something new that you learned by doing these activities? 


Engineering Fun

  1. Popsicle Stick Catapult Project (pdf)
  2. More Catapult Building ideas!
    1. Catapult Video
    2. Catapult Video
  3. Build & Design a String Maze (pdf)


 Lightbulb inside brain Find Your Spark to Start

Hi there! Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Many young people have jumped in and already started a business. You don’t have to wait until you’re an adult! Check out the videos below to learn about two young entrepreneurs and their great business ideas.

What is an entrepreneur?  An entrepreneur is someone who takes a risk and starts a business. Can you think of any entrepreneurs in your community?  Often, they are creative, good problem solvers, friendly, motivated, and believe in themselves!  Does that sound like you?

Think about things you love to do, your strengths, and businesses that might be a great fit for you. Many entrepreneurs start service businesses. For example, plumbers, cosmetologists (people who style your hair), pet walkers, accountants, and dance/fitness instructors. Instead of a service business, you may want to sell products like jewelry, candles, tacos, or other items you make.

Click on the My Spark Box link below to make a personalized box with some great business ideas. Then, get your creative juices flowing with the rubber band challenge!

Discussion Starters: What steps could you take to move forward with one of your business ideas? What types of careers and jobs could you explore if you would enjoy starting a business? What problem will you solve with your business ideas? Share something that you learned about yourself by doing these activities.   


  1. Snap Caps (video)
  2. Man Cans (video)
  3. My Spark Box (pdf to print) – My Spark Box (pdf fillable version)
  4. Rubber Band Challenge (pdf)
  5. Additional Activities:  Circle Challenge (pdf); Be You Activity (pdf)



Happy face emojis  Stress Busters

For this project, we are going to turn into Stress Busters! Everybody feels stress from time to time. Stress is a feeling you get when you are worried about something. You may feel frustrated or afraid. How we deal with stressful situations makes all the difference! Try out some of our stress-busting activities below.

First, we’ll be making a stress ball! Did you know that a great way to eliminate stress is to exercise? We have added some ideas that will help you burn off energy in a fun way. Engaging in a favorite hobby can also reduce stress and bring you joy! It’s all hands-on as we try out a paper crafting hobby - making mini books to share with your friends and family. This project is guaranteed to take your mind off the stress in your life!    

Discussion Starters: Share what creates stress for you. (Tests, homework, arguments) What are some signs that you are stressed? (Headache, feel angry, upset, sick)  If you enjoy helping others reduce stress in their lives, what types of careers or jobs could you explore? Career ideas: Therapist, physical education teacher, school counselor, social worker, start a hobby business, and more! What is something new that you learned by doing these activities? 


Stress Busters

  1. Stress Ball Project (pdf)
  2. Stress-Busting Fun (pdf)
  3. Mini Book Project  (video)
  4. Parent Resource – Better Kid Care Stress Busting Activities



Bird on a branchBird Explorers

Birds are everywhere! Learning about birds can be a lot of fun and can make for a great day outdoors. Birdwatching (or birding) is a popular hobby for people around the world. By learning more about birds and their habitat, who knows, you might develop a new birdwatching passion! It may even spark an interest in a new career field.

Let’s make a project! Create a bird feeder and explore birdwatching, all while identifying birds with a free app on a mobile device. We’ve also included a bird explorer’s guidebook. Try out the free projects and activities by clicking on the links below. Have fun!

Discussion Starters: How many species of birds did you find near your school, in your yard, your neighborhood, on a walk, or while you are visiting a new place? What types of careers and jobs could you explore if you enjoy learning about birds and their habitats? Career ideas: Ornithologist (person who studies birds, is an expert on birds), photographer, outdoor educator, birdwatching tour business, or wildlife biologist. What is something new that you learned by doing these activities? 


Bird Explorers

  1. Bird Feeder Project (pdf)
  2. Bird Identification (pdf)
  3. Bird Explorers Guidebook (pdf)
Virtual & At-Home Learning

Check out Nebraska 4-H Virtual & At-Home Learning!  Nebraska 4-H offers a variety of live virtually-guided opportunities, on-demand and self-paced experiences, and activity guides. These resources are perfect for school classrooms, afterschool programs, clubs, home school co-ops, and families looking for supplemental learning experiences.