Premises ID Requirements for Youth Livestock Exhibitors

An additional requirement for exhibitors wishing to compete at the Nebraska State Fair in either the 4-H or FFA shows is the requirement of a Premise ID number. Since the implementation of EID tags, each exhibitor will have to obtain a Premises ID number through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. These Premises ID numbers are a required step in the usage of EID tags.

If you put an EID tag into any animal to make it eligible for State Fair, you need to have a Premise ID.  Please see the below and the attached Premisis ID pamphlet (pdf) for more information.   Any animal that has an EID tag in it, whether it is going to county fair or State Fair, must have a Premises ID correlated with that entry. A summary of the attached pamphlet is at the bottom of the email. (all the way at the bottom)

Once you have your premise ID, please let Melinda ( or Crystal (cbeissenherz2@unl.ed) know what it is.  We will enter it into our system, so the State Office is aware of it.

Premise ID’s are based on the location of the animals, so if you keep your animals at the same location as another family, one Premise ID will work for both.  If you keep multiple species in multiple locations, a Premise ID is needed for each location.

Premise ID DEADLINE for State Fair participation:

Market Cattle Premise ID deadline is April 15th

All other Premise ID deadline is June 15th.  This includes any breeding animals that might have an EID Tag in.

If you have questions or concerns about it, let me know.


Melinda Vlieger
Extension Assistant
Nebraska Extension-Hall County
3180 W Highway 34
Grand Island, NE 68801

To summarize the information in the pamphlet:

1)      All 4-H and FFA MARKET animals carrying an EID tag are required to have a Premises ID. (This includes any that may show at only the county level as well)

2)      A Premises ID number can be obtained through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture

  1. Only one (1) Premises ID is necessary for a family with multiple exhibitors (provided livestock are housed at the same location)
  2. Only one (1) Premises ID is necessary for an exhibitor that shows multiple species (provided livestock are housed at the same location)

3)      The Premises ID number will be reported to County Staff for input into 4-H Online

4)      In order to show at the Nebraska State Fair, a Premises ID must be on file for a market beef or market swine exhibitor