We are so excited to announce our 2023 Anytime Learning Projects and Workshops! 

2023 Anytime Learning Listing  

Instead of having you register using unique external links for each of the projects, we have created an event for each Anytime Learning Project/Workshop in 4HOnline. To register for our 2023 Anytime Learning Projects/Workshops:
  • Enroll in Gage County 4-H on 4HOnline (v2.4honline.com)
  • Log-in as the 4-H member who is going to take the project
  • Locate the "Events" tab on the left side of the screen, select the project name and fill out the required information.
  • To check the events you've registered, click back on the "Events" tab at any time.

Need Help? Schedule a Meeting!  

Please use the button above to schedule a meeting or contact Jacie at the Extension Office if you have questions or need assistance enrolling or registering for Anytime Learning Projects and Workshops.