June 2018 4-H Newsletter

1) County Official 4-H Tee Shirts
2) Extra Official Tee Shirts
3) Monthly Newsletter
4) County Entry Deadlines
5) 2018 County Fairbook
6) 4-H Fashion show & Clothing Construction & Shopping in Style Judging
7) Photography Judging
8) 4-H Presentation Contest
9) Upcoming Summer Programs
10) Robotics NXT Lego Kit & County Fair Robotic Expo
11) Home Environment Support Information for Fair Exhibits
12) 4-H Family and Consumer Science Quiz-County
13) West Central Youth Animal Science Field Day (May 24)
14) NCTA Livestock Judging Camp (May 23)
15) 2018 Nebraska 4-H Online Horticulture Judging Contest
16) Youth Crop Scouting Competition
17) Nebraska Living Judging Classic (NLJC)
18) Next Council Meeting
19) Dog/Cat County Fair 4-H Exhibitors
20) Elite Showman Frontier County Representative to NE State Fair
21) Horse District Show in Curtis
22) Volunteer for Fonner Park 4-H Horse Show
23) Online State Fair/AKSARBEN Nomination
24) 2018 Frontier County 4-H Livestock Enrollment Deadline
25) AKSARBEN – September 27-30
26) Area Horse Shows & Small/Big Animal Progress Shows
27-29) Shooting Sports News
30) Club Leader News
31) Upcoming 4-H Events/Important Dates
32) 2018 County Fair Dates
33) Nebraska 4-H State Fair August 24 September 3
34) AKSARBEN Location
35) Become a 4-H Volunteer!

Hello Frontier County 4-H Families & Supporters!

1) County Official 4-H Tee Shirts –BY June 15th ALL NEW county 4-H members need to come to the office to pick up your one FREE official county tee shirt. Thanks to our local Farm Bureau Financial Services for providing each Frontier County 4-Her ONE FREE tee shirt every two years!! (So take care of your shirt because it has to last one more year.) 2018 County Fair Book: DRESS CODE – All 4-H exhibitors are REQUIRED to wear the official county 4-H T-shirts sponsored by Farm Bureau. This INCLUDES those interview judging for the static exhibits. (Static projects include food, home environment, gardening, agriculture, etc.) Livestock 4-H exhibitors are REQUIRED to wear dark blue jeans, hard-soled shoes or boots as well. NO hats, caps or other types of headgear are to be worn in the show ring (except for horse). Only 4-H’ers exhibiting in the horse show will not wear official county T-shirt. Horse Show attire MUST follow the dress code requirements found in the current “Nebraska Horse Show & Judging Guide.”

2) Extra Official County Tee Shirts- Last call to order extra official Frontier County 4-H tee shirts (short-sleeve or long sleeve) you can order & pay directly from Dmilaco’s online site. Shirts can be picked up at extension office after July 1. Order at https://frontiercounty4h2017dec.itemorder.com/sale by JUNE 18 noon. IF trouble with internet, call the office to order.

3) Monthly County Newsletter - Everyone is encouraged to review the newsletter EACH MONTH for 4-H communication!  There are several items/dates in these monthly 4-H newsletters that will help make a positive 4-H experience for you. (This newsletter is also available online on our county page at: http://extension.unl.edu/statewide/frontier

4) County Entry Deadlines  
July 5 - Thursday Pre-registration DUE for Clothing Construction, Shopping in Style & Fashion Revue
July 5 - Thursday Pre-registration DUE for Photography Exhibits
July 13 - Friday Pre-register exhibits for STOCKVILLE FAIR
July 13 - Friday Pre-register exhibits for EUSTIS FAIR
Stockville - late entries accepted July 14-18 with a $25.00 late charge fee. Eustis – late entries accepted July 14-18 with a $25.00 late charge fee.

5) 2018 County Fair Book -Save this as a reference all year long. -Notice changes in livestock, foods, clothing, shooting sports & a few other sections. -In the process of being updated is the fair book online at https://extension.unl.edu/statewide/frontier/fairbook2. Some exhibits in the Family and Consumer Science area and other static exhibits require supporting information, such as recipes in the food project areas and informational sheets in Home Environment and Child Development. Some things to watch for: -Recipes -Woodworking plans -Rocket specification information from package -Photography Data Tags -Display sizes -Home Environment Design Elements and Design Principles - Supporting information Read your fair book carefully to see if your exhibits requires additional information

6) 4-H Fashion Show & Clothing Construction & Shopping in Style Judging
July 13 – Friday Curtis Methodist Church - 9:30 a.m. Refer to 2018 County Fair book page 12-16 for more details.

7) Photography Judging July 13 – Friday Curtis Methodist Church - 1:00 pm in Curtis, NE Data Tags are required for all classes and are available at the Extension Office or print off at http://go.unl.edu/vfkw. Refer to page 7 in fair book for photography details.

8) 4-H Presentation Contest June 20 at 6:00 pm 4-H Presentation Contest with 4-H’ers from Frontier & Red Willow Counties are being invited to participate. Youth, ages 8-18 by Dec. 31, 2017, have an opportunity to teach others about the skills they have learned in 4-H by developing and delivering a "show and tell" presentation. Topics should relate to how the 4-H youth is learning about science, healthy living, citizenship and/ or ag literacy. Team presentations, consisting of two members, are included. Review the current fair book (page 10) for new classes and contest specific. Time Limit: 8 minute Max Contest will be held June 20, at 6:00 pm, in Curtis at NCTA Livestock Teaching Center Room 110. Registration deadline is June 15. There will be a practice session in Curtis at NCTA Livestock Teaching Center Room 110, June 18 from 5:00-7:00 pm for anyone wanting help or extra practice with projector/computer. Ask Kathy for ideas and help. Public speaking is an IMPORTANT life skill that can be fun, too! (Refer to page 10 of fair book for more details.)

9) Upcoming Summer Programs (Contact Extension Office for more details)
• June Thursdays — 4-H Statewide STEM Reading Connections 1-7th Graders at Curtis Library
• June 4 —“ Making A Splash” State 4-H Day Camp at Curtis Park (If rain, camp will be held at Curtis Community Center)
• June 5, 19, July 10 — Maywood Summer Library & 4-H Food Workshops-Maywood
• June 7-8 — Robotics Camp- Curtis
• June 14 — Clover Kid & Jr Horticulture Camp – Curtis
• June 11-12 — 4-H Cooking Workshops- Eustis
• July 10 — 4-H Showmanship Clinic and Round Robin Workshop- Stockville
• Aug 8 — Agronomy Youth Field Day ages 9-18 years old– Curtis

10) Robotics NXT Lego Kits & County Fair Robotic EXPO - NXT Lego kits with EV3 computer programming will be available this summer for youth enrolled in the 4-H Robotics project to create fair exhibits judged the evening of July 24 at Stockville Fair or August 1 at Eustis Fair. There will be a $30 returnable deposit payable to University of Nebraska. Kits will be available after the June 7th-8th workshop for fair exhibits. Contact the extension office to reserve your kit, or feel free to purchase your own robotic kits. 4-H members can show off their robot exhibits during the Robotic Expo July 27 at 3:00 pm during the Frontier County Fair. More details later.

11) Home Environment Support Information For Fair Exhibits (Page 17 of fair book) Supporting information is REQUIRED for all Home Environment exhibits. Information MUST also include the elements and principles of design used and steps taken to complete project. Tag templates can be found on 4-H State Fair website: https://unl.box.com/s/toup6mp99jpkzepy9bqupwltwu2841yk and/or county website at: http://go.unl.edu/vfkw

12) 4-H Family & Consumer Science Quiz - County There is a statewide written quiz any 4-Her can take to challenge their family & consumer science knowledge. The intent of this quiz is to engage youth’s interest in family & consumer sciences in a challenging, educational experience. The test can be taken independently or at a club meeting. 4-Her’s can study for the quiz by reading and reviewing family consumer related 4-H curriculum. Ribbons and premium money will be given. Call the Extension Office at (308) 367-4424 for more information and to get the written test. 4-H members can take the test July 13 during clothing and photography contests.

13) West Central Youth Animal Science Field Day (May 24) Thank you for the great Frontier County participation!! Total 157 youth attended, plus several adults. Thank you 4-H Council for serving a delicious hamburger meal and for getting all of the food/supplies donated! Thank you Frontier County Fair Board and Eustis Fair & Corn Show Ag Society for paying the $5.00 lunch fee for West Central Youth Animal Science Field Day!

14) NCTA Livestock Judging Camp (May 23) Thank you for the great Frontier County participation!! 80 youth from several Nebraska counties attended. Thanks Dr. Doug Smith, livestock judging team, Tina Smith and assistants for helping our youth understand the fun in livestock judging & exposing them to college life!

15) 2018 Nebraska 4-H Online Horticulture Judging Contest will be available from 8:00 am Friday, June 8 through 8:00 am Monday, June 18, 2018. It is composed of three parts: 1) general knowledge questions, 2) plant part and seed identification, and 3) a judging portion. It is open to all 4-H youth, as well as adults. No password needed, the link listed below will take you directly to the contest. The link to participate will be https://go.unl.edu/2018hortcontest. Study materials for the Online Horticulture Judging Contest and the State 4-H Horticulture Judging Contest held during State Fair are the same and found at http://4h.unl.edu/fairbook/plant-science/horticulture-id. If you have any questions or problems with the contest contact: Elizabeth Killinger, Nebraska Extension Educator in Hall County at elizabeth.killinger@unl.edu or call her at 308-385-5088.

16) Youth Crop Scouting Competition - Nebraska Extension is offering the Fifth Annual Crop Scouting Competition for Nebraska youth near Mead, Nebraska on July 26, 2018. The competition includes indoor and outdoor events. Teams of junior high and high school students (those completing 7th-12th grades) are invited to participate. Top-scoring teams win prizes: $500 for first, $250 for second, $100 for third place. Top two teams are eligible for regional competition in August in Nebraska. For more information is available online at https://cropwatch.unl.edu/youth.

17) Nebraska Livestock Judging Classic (NLJC) is a regional livestock judging contest for youth held June 8 in Kearney, NE. The NLJC committee continues to strive to increase the interest of youth in the livestock judging program and the livestock industry including beef, sheep, swine, and goats. Preregistration is highly encouraged by Wednesday, June 6, 2018 or on the day of the contest! Junior Division (ages 8-13) , Senior Division (ages 14-18), Open Division Registration Fee is $15 per person. For more information Contact: The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension Office in Buffalo County 308-236-1235 e-mail to:kerry.elsen@unl.edu Or Register On-line at: www.unl.edu/nljc

18) Next Council Meeting - Monday, July 16 at 7:30 p.m. in Eustis at 4-H Building Please contact a 4-H Council member with concerns or suggestions.

19) Dog/Cat County Fair 4-H Exhibitors- Don’t forget to bring a copy of your dog and/or cat vaccination record with you to July 25 County Fair Dog Show in Stockville or August 2 Small Animal County Fair Show in Eustis. For any youth showing dogs at the county fair -dog practice is on Thursdays at Curtis Tennis Courts and Fridays evenings at Mill Park in Curtis, at 6 PM. You can attend either day or both. It is not required to show but is very informative and helpful. Contact 4-H Volunteer Amy Houser for more information at 308-650-1715.

20) Elite Showman Frontier County Representative to NE State Fair- see flyer

21) District Horse Show in Curtis – June 22nd Come support area county 4-H Horse Exhibitors during the District Horse Show held at NCTA indoor arena. Lincoln County 4-H program is hosting the show and Frontier County 4-H is providing the food stand. Come support the 4-H programs!

22) Volunteer For Fonner Park State 4-H Horse Show. Every year the state horse show requires numerous volunteers for the show to run. The state show runs from July 15-19, 2018. They could really use your help! If you are interested in being a volunteer, please fill out the form at https://4h.unl.edu/horse/volunteer or email lena.luck@unl.edu

23) Online State Fair/AKSARBEN Nominations with all fees paid (showstockmgr.com) –due JUNE 15

24) 2018 Frontier County 4-H Livestock Enrollment Deadline was June 1st. County Fair entries are due JULY 13 for both fairs.

25) AKSARBEN September 27-30 in Grand Island with the Horse Show taking place the weekend before, September 22-23. In 2018 there will be no broiler, rabbit and diary shows. Latest updates: aksarbenstockshow.com Facebook: AKSARBEN 2018 June 15 deadline for all nomination for AKSARBEN go to showstockmgr.com to nominate horses for AKSARBEN.

26) Area Horse Shows & Small/Big Animal Progress Shows - there are several shows across Nebraska if you are interested. Go to https://extension.unl.edu/statewide/frontier/4-h-livestock-small-animal-0 or contact the extension office for flyers and/or information.

27) New Leaders: Any adults interested in becoming certified contact Kathy or any shooting sports leader. The 4-H Council will pay your certification fees for one discipline.

28) 2018 County Contest:
July 21 - Saturday 8:00 am 1st Part 4-H Shooting Sports Archery, BB Gun, Air Pistol, & Air Rifle Contest – Frontier County Fairgrounds 1:00 pm – Small Bore Rifle .22 Caliber – Frontier County Fairgrounds
July 23 - Monday 6:30 pm Shotgun Contest – Curtis Gun Club
July 25 - Wednesday 9:00 am 2nd Part 4-H Shooting Sports Archery, BB Gun, Air Pistol, & Air Rifle Contest – Frontier County Fairgrounds

29) Sharp Shooters 4-H Club Facebook Page for latest club news and any schedule changes join the club's facebook page: Frontier County Sharpshooters. Share this with others!! At least 4 practices need to be attended for EACH DISCIPLINE to be able to compete in county contest in July. So plan now and have fun learning a LIFE SKILL!

30) Club Leader News - Leaders -- Please use this newsletter as a way to get information out to your members. You need to submit any news to the extension office by the end of the month in order to have it appear in the next newsletter. Happy Helpers 4-H Club next meeting – Monday June 11 at Berean Church in Curtis at 4:30pm.

31) Upcoming 4-H Events/Important Dates
JUNE 1 – DUE - Breeding Beef, Stocker-Feeder, Dairy, Breeding Swine, Breeding Sheep, Breeding Goat IDs
1 – DUE - PASE/Life Challenge registrations
4 – State 4-H Camp in Curtis (6-12 yr olds)
10-15 – Big Red Camps
13 – Clover/Junior Horticulture Camp – Curtis
15 – Due- Registration for Presentations Contest
18 – Presentation Equipment Practice 4-6pm @ NCTA Ed Center
20 – Presentations Contest w/Red Willow- NCTA- 6pm
22 – District Horse Show in Curtis
25-26 – PASE/Life Challenge Event
JULY 5 – Due- Registration for Clothing
5 – Due- Registration for Photography
13 – Due – Registration for Frontier County Fair-Stockville AND Eustis Fair
13 – Fashion Show & Clothing Construction Judging – Curtis
13 – Photography Judging – Curtis
15-19 – State 4-H Exposition- Grand Island
18 – NO entries accepted for Frontier County Fair and Eustis Fair after this date
21 – 1st half of 4-H Shooting Sports Contest
23 – Shotgun Contest at Curtis Gun Club
24-29 – Frontier County Fair in Stockville
AUG 1-4 – Eustis Fair and Corn Show

32) 2018 County Fair Dates- July 24-29 Frontier County Fair in Stockville August 1-4 Eustis Fair & Corn Show in Eustis

33) Nebraska 4-H State Fair August 24-Sept 3 –Visit State Fair Book for information about 4-H static and animal exhibits, as well as in-person contests and competitions happening during the State Fair. The fair book contains rules, classes, eligibility, and judging information for all 4-H events happening at this year's Nebraska State Fair. https://4h.unl.edu/state-fair

34) Aksarben September 27-30 in Grand Island

35) Become a 4-H volunteer! We can always use more great volunteers. Just let the 4-H Staff know your interests and time availability. We will connect you with the 4-H volunteer opportunity to meet your needs. Thank you to ALL those 4-H leaders, volunteers & supporters for sharing your time and talent with our youth as they learn new life skills!